Thursday, September 23, 2010

Randon Thoughts from a Listless Mind.....

Sitting here, after getting my walk in before the heat is turned back on high...94 degrees is the prediction, on the first day of fall no less.  We did get a couple of showers in our area yesterday, but not nearly enough to do much good for the brown lawns....94 today, 87 maybe a shower tomorrow, then cooler for the weekend and beyond.  That will give me a chance to shut off the A/C, hopefully for the last time for awhile...say, next May.

Junior High football game tonight at Convoy...tomorrow, nothing so far on the Varsity fill-in front, although I did get a call last night for another official who asked if I would be available to fill in for him tomorrow in a big MAC(Midwest Athletic Conference) match-up at Versailles against Coldwater.  Seems his wife is almost due, and he lives 100 miles or so away from the game...I told him I could help out if needed, so to keep me informed.  Saturday I am scheduled to work at JV games at Waynesfield, then Saturday afternoon, I will don the baseball gear for a Fall Baseball League game at Rockford....It's been almost 2 months since I umpired that sport, I will do a couple of 5 inning games...I figure that would be more entertaining than watching Ohio State thump on Eastern Michigan...then Sunday another Rec League football double "retirement" is just a state of mind...if you want to stay in shape and live, you need to keep active, and I am trying.

The Crazy Left Wing______

It never ceases to amaze me just how bitter and crazy the so-called "progressives" are...of course progressive they are not...Liberals in name only....what the vast majority of the Democrat Party are, are hate filled Marxist snakes, that hate anything and everybody, that doesn't fall for their BS....of course the lone exception for these far left loons is Islam and Islamic Terrorists....for some reason, they coddle these terror making scumbags at all cost.   Even though they, the far left, and their protected gay blades would be the first to get beheaded in the land of Sharia Law.....

Rocker, Great American, and 2nd Amendment patriot Ted Nugent calls a spade a spade in this hard hitting, honest look at Islam:

Even more interesting than Nugent's opinions are the sorry, hate filled, shrill comments, from the far left loons....Liberalism is indeed a Mental Disorder....and with the BS being taught in schools and universities these days, along with the slave like worship of everything left, and everything Islamic, in the lame stream media,  it is sure to get only worse....Keep your powder dry, lock and load....

Enough of politics.....will leave you with a tune from the above "Rocker".....a man of many "talents"...Ted Nugent:

That's it for now....back later>>>>

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