Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cincinnati Reds~Hangover after the Clinching?

The off again on again trip to Centerville to hook up with youngest son Hal, was eventually put back on yesterday afternoon.   Even though the Reds had clinched the NL Central with the dramatic Jay Bruce "walk off" home run on Tuesday, we decided to go, and see if the Reds would continue to push towards opening the playoffs at home, or be content to(in all likelihood) face the Philadelphia Phillies in the first round.  Once we saw the starting line-up for Cincy, we knew that latter was probably in the cards.

The Cincinnati starting lineup looked like a hold over from the Louisville Bats Triple A team, the Reds affiliate.  But the weather was perfect, clear, no wind, and about 72 at game time.  The traffic was reasonable, and with Hal driving from their place in Centerville, we arrived in plenty of time...after stopping at Skyline Chili for  supper and a beer, much cheaper than Ball Park fair, we headed out looking for a 'scalper' to secure good tickets.  Since the division was clinched, we figured to get decent seats for a good didn't take long.  Without much wheeling and dealing, we secured seats right behind the Reds first base dugout, for $25 each....about 2/3rd of face value.

The Reds started Johnny Cueto on the mound, but other than that, Cincinnati went with subs and minor league call showed, and despite getting the starters in late for some pinch hitting efforts, Cincy fell 2-0.  That loss, while not guaranteeing a road opener in next weeks first round, made it likely that they will open in Philadelphia next Wednesday.  That will be a tough series, but the Reds have shown a penchant for making things happen....I am looking forward to it, especially since my Mom,  Uncle Jack DeVore, and their late brother, my Uncle Bill, grew up in the shadow of Philadelphia...Jack as was Bill, is a rabid Philly fan...making it even more interesting.

The game went fairly quick, so instead of spending the night in Centerville, I decided to head home and sleep in my own bed...I arrived well before 1AM, and got up early this morning...just in time to take old Reagan in for a trim and bath.....the Airedale is now 12 years 3 months old....and this may indeed be her last grooming before she leaves Planet Earth...but she has defied the odds thus far, and continues to amaze us with her continued "hanging in there".

Soccer...Ohio State ties Number #1 Ranked Akron_____

While Hal and I were in Cincinnati, oldest son, Sam was working the video for the Ohio State Men's Soccer game with top Ranked Akron.....The Zips had not given up a goal in over 1000 minutes this season. The Buckeyes put an end to that string, and after losing the lead, they tied the game at 2-2 with just 2 seconds remaining in regulation.  The game ended tied...the video(which Sam shot, and wasn't happy when the crowd blocked him out after the tying goal) is here:(takes a few seconds to load)

The crowd was well over 7200 fans, and the story is on the OSU Athletic Website: 

All-in-all it was a busy night for the Houseworth guys.....Junior High football double header tonight at St. Henry....busy weekend of football as well. 

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Photos-At Cincinnat's Great American Ball Park...the Division Crown is showcased.  The view from our seats...Cueto starts for the Reds, but the rest were subs and minor league types.  Hal and the Old man in our first base bargin prices.  And Ohio State Soccer does something that nobody has done in 10 1/2 months..scores on top ranked Akron in a 2-2 tie...the video attached is oldest son, Sam's work.


Nancy said...

Nice pix. Almost like being there. How did you get the pic of you and son? Oh, I have a weiner dog who is 19. 2 more years and he will be in Guiness Book of Records!!!

PRH....... said...

The photo...? Held my digital in the left hand and made the shot...took me 2 tries, but it usually works out.

My Grandma Houseworth in Scott, and Aunt Eva had 2 dogs..Tiny and Snooker(Tiny's daughter) that both lived to be near 20...I had a little Mutt when I got out of the Air Force who lived to be 19...Airedales I have raised for 36 years...and Reagan is #2 on the longevity list at 12 years 3 months....12 years 7 was the longest.

nancy said...

I tried that pic thing like that and all I got was a pic of my arm. I hold my breath everyday that Brownie will hang on. He is very temperamental, but he still knows how to bark, eat, sleep, sniff and hike his leg.

Steve said...

You posted a comment on my blog and left a link to yours. Enjoyed going through it. I was with the Army in Nha Trang from Mar 68 to Oct 69.