Friday, September 3, 2010

The Diabetes Diet One Year Later.....

Took a quick shower to wake myself up and got ready for my morning walk.....then the promised rains finally came, so I cancelled the walk.  Frankly the rain wasn't much, and my mind and body were not ready for the 3 mile tour.  A long Junior High football double header at St. Henry last night, and a few Blue Moons watching the Buckeyes smack Marshall, 45-7, probably had more to do with me taking a day off from the walking, than the rain did.  For now the rain is over, and the wetting of the sidewalk wasn't enough to green anything up...most went to the north of Mercer County.

Tomorrow, Sam(back from Columbus), and I will work a JV game at Versailles against league rival Coldwater...two storied programs with high rankings and multiple state championships...even at the JV level it should be good football.  No Rec League games this weekend, due to Labor Day, and that is a shame, because unlike last Sunday's oppressive heat, this weekend will see low humidity and highs in the upper 60s to middle 70s by Sunday.

Also this weekend, tomorrow afternoon, some of the old gang from our days at the Lakefront Racquet Club, will get together and down a few at Bella's Restaurant out on West Bank Road.....some of those folks I have not seen for years, others, I see on a semi-regular basis...should be a good time.

The Diabetes Results, One Year Later_____

One year ago over the Labor Day weekend or thereabouts, I got my blood test back telling me I was on the verge of acquiring Diabetes sugar levels were high and the doc told me that it was in the "pre" Diabetes stages...So he sends me to St. Marys Hospital to hook up with a Dietitian to work on a diet to get those levels down...of course a few pounds lost, and a blood pressure drop, would also be a good thing.

So she tells me, less carbohydrates, a little less fat, less sugar, and balance, was the the way to with the 2000 calorie/225 carbohydrate diet, and I could control this without any further medication.  My only question was..."Do I have to give up Beer"?  "No" was her answer, "just do all things in moderation".  That was just about a year ago...since that time I have dropped some 27 pounds, down to 186 this morning.  My average BP is about 120/70, compared to the 155/85 from this time last year....and the "sugar" count is down to almost "normal" levels the last it was checked in March.

So things are better health wise, at least they appear that way.... however, the one thing that I can't change is time and the aging process...I can walk my 3 miles a day, 5 days a week, and could go back to lifting weights.  The former I will do, the latter?  Probably 61, despite being in pretty good condition for my age, the reality is...I am 61 years old, and the 200-250 sporting events I officiate per year, while keeping me active, still wear on my body....and that is the facts of life.

That's about it, heading into this Labor Day Weekend....I've got football to officiate and will watch the Reds vs Cardinals series, where Cincy has a chance to put St. Louis out of the race, and cement the Central Division for themselves, a reunion of sorts to attend, and time around the long distance travel for me or the family over this final holiday of the long, hot, summer.

I'll be back later...God willing of course

Photos-Blood Pressure, Weight, and Sugar are all down to acceptable levels, or at least a lot better than a year ago.... and me, at 205 last fall during the early stages of the diet, and below, earlier this summer at 185....27 down so far, and maybe 5 to go.


Nancy said...

I love Bellas! They told me a couple of weeks ago that the algae on the lake this summer had hurt their business. I need to walk and go on a diet too. I have a few years on you, and my main concern in addition to my health is trying to look good. LOL
Happy Labor Day.

Larry said...

I'm impressed, Pat. I was also told about 16 months ago that I'm "pre-d" [@118 fasting level]. So I've cut-out white bread and trying to limit white potatoes/pasta/rice. Even took cinnamon capsules for about 6mo. Only two sodas in all that time too. Need to improve on exercising. No real change in BG level. Starting to wonder if 118-125 is just my normal level. Twenty years ago few docs would have even raised an issue with that level.

Trish said...

Looking good Pat! Glad to hear your health is improved, hope you continue to have such a full life!

PRH....... said...

Thanks Trish....I keep moving!