Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vietnam Veterans Reunion Kokomo, Indiana 2010

I took my usual walk around town down to Grand Lake this morning...it's getting pretty routine doing this 5 days a week...the 50 minute to 1 hour walk gets me ready for the day, and the weather of late, along with the pollution and smell being down on the lake, makes it pretty enjoyable.  The photos I clicked this morning pretty much told the story.  It was partly cloudy, mild with no wind to speak of when I set out at 7:45...the lake looked pretty nice in the rising sun, I barley broke a sweat.

Freshman football last night here in Celina, with the hometown Bulldogs coming out on top of Wapakoneta, as the Varsity did last Friday....A close game with a final drive by the Redskins coming up short in a 18-14 Bulldog victory.  Tonight I head north to the flatlands of my forefathers, Blue Creek Township, in Paulding County.  I'm at Wayne Trace, for an 8th grade game...I'm back there Thursday as well, before heading to Toledo Friday Night for a Toledo City League contest.  Another game on Saturday at Spencerville, and a double header Recreational League game back here in Celina on Sunday, will keep me busy.

My one day off will be tomorrow, and I will head over to Kokomo, Indiana, to meet up with a couple of my VSPA cohorts:

Tom McCandles and Sam Lewis will be there tomorrow, although the actual Howard County Vietnam Veterans Reunion doesn't start until Friday.


I worked in Kokomo 3 decades ago as the Morning News Anchor at WIOU Radio...doing the early morning news at WIOU and it's FM sister station WZWZ.  I left there in early 1980 and headed to Dodge City, Kansas, as News Director for KGNO out that way....a couple of stops on my broadcasting odyssey, before settling back home and working 20 years in the Environmental Health field.

Anyway off topic...I will only spend the day this time around, visiting with the guys....too many football commitments this year, maybe next year I can stay awhile longer....over 44,000 were there last year, and the camping and hotels are already full in the area this year...my major concern it the traffic along two lane Highway 26 East of Kokomo.

Hopefully I'll get some photos and have a story for Thursday....

Today's Images-Top left and bottom...3 shots on my morning walk along Lake Shore Drive this morning...the view and accompaning calm belies the lake's "problems".   Veterans hoist the Flag at a pervious Kokomo Vietnam Reunion....and my old Calling Card from my days at WIOU in Kokomo, back in 1979-80

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Rod Shaughnessy said...

Great blog. I like your music list. You must have the same taste as I. I was also on R&R in April 1970 in Hawaii.

Peace Brother & Welcome Home

Rod Shaughnessy
5/42d Arty RVN 1969-70

Currently a Cheesehead in Madison, WI.

PRH....... said...

Thanks for stopping by Rod...Welcome Home!

Wife if from Oconomowoc....we lived in the Wausau Area back in the late 1970s...daughter was born there.