Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surrounded by Idiots-The Ohio U and Ohio State Mascot battle.

Taking my morning walk this today, I was greeted by a strong southerly wind that promised to bring record, or at least near record high temperatures to the Heartland.  93 is what they are calling for today...93 degrees on what is usually the first official day of Fall...September 21st(this year by a quirk fall "falls" on September 23rd).  Warm/Hot through Friday then things will slowly drop to more normal temperatures and conditions that we are used to for late September.

Tonight I head north to Antwerp for a Junior High football game...a busy week ahead, but not nearly so much as last week....I'm still trying to recover from that one.

American Idiots.....they are everywhere!

When I left Celina in 1975 for college, my first stop was a little place called Hocking Technical College in a small city in southeast Ohio called Nelsonville....I majored in Environmental Health while there and lived at Ohio University, along with a half dozen other friends from Celina.   It was a good couple of years....I had fun at Hocking and Ohio U...and that may be an understatement.

This weekend, the Ohio University Bobcats traveled some 70 miles north to Columbus to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes...it was a mismatch in every phase of the game.  OSU has not lost to an instate rival since 1921 or so when they lost to Oberlin College....a game that few if anybody can remember, for certain there are no highlights around.

Saturday promised to be an old fashion ass kicking...and it was.  The only highlight the hapless Bobcats could muster was some idiot named Brandon Hanning.  Hanning a former student at Ohio U., a flunked out student, now a student at Hocking College(the Technical is now dropped).  Hanning decided to get his 15 minutes of fame by taking down the world famous Ohio State mascot, Brutus Buckeye...he succeeded in both:


and here is the video....


Funny?  Perhaps!  I guess I would have enjoyed this 35 years ago at Ohio U in a drunken state...which we all were a large percentage of the time...now I'm barley amused.  This guy, now banned from Ohio University athletic participation, has his 15 minutes of fame....I wonder if the brass at Hocking will allow him to remain a student?  Hocking always has been hopelessly connected with Ohio University, and I have a feeling things will not go well for Hanning...perhaps he can find a top flight job in the food industry, without his degree from Hocking.  I hear some places still need dishwashers.

A few years ago when broadcasting high school basketball,  the hometown Van Wert Cougar mascot, Claude got into a fist fight with the Delphos Jefferson "JeffCat"...I've got it on tape, and it was funny....but that was a heat of the moment thing, and the 2 guys paid the price from each school....this clown Hanning did his dirty work premeditated...you gotta wonder just what this fool has in store for him in the age of Obama....perhaps in the Kenyans Administration....it seems he would fit right in with those idiots.

As for me...my 15 minutes of fame is on hold....I wonder what I can come up with?  In the meantime...

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