Wednesday, September 22, 2010

At Summer's End 2010

A little later than the norm, Summer comes to an end early tomorrow.  At least on the calender.  93 yesterday, after a brief shower this morning, it will climb back to 85, and then 93 or so again tomorrow.  Things promise to be more early Fall-like by the weekend.

The one thing you can say about this summer is that it was 180 degrees different than Summer 2009....that was a record cool one, while Summer 2010 has been record hot, the hottest summer since 1932, the eve of the "Dust Bowl".  Now regular readers of this blog know I am not a believer in man-made "Global Warming" my opinion it's total BS....last year cool, this year,'s a cyclic thing, man has little to do with it.  Yes man pollutes, and that is bad, man does not cause "Global Warming", no matter what the toads at The Weather Channel, the Lame Stream Media, Al Gore, or Obama the Asshole, might tell you.  Don't believe the BS. was a hot summer, and dry off and on.  Even when we got rain, it didn't stay around long enough to keep things green...witness the attached photos in today's post.  My back yard, usually the greenest part of my yard, due to the frequent fertilizing from Airedales over the years, is dry as a bone.....and the only green to be found are weeds popping up, or under the bushes, where the dew drops fall.

No football tonight, but back at it tomorrow at Crestview in Convoy, for a JH game....more games Saturday and Sunday.

Sam returned to Columbus last night...classes at Ohio State begin this morning, as he enters his Junior year, majoring in Actuarial Science.....Saturday he work video at  the Ohio State vs Eastern Michigan game....that one could be ugly, EMU is currently on a 15 game losing streak.

Other than that....not a lot going on.  I'm just hanging on waiting for cooler weather.  I did just get off the phone with my buddy Rick, up in northern Indiana...he has the same thing befall him as I had about 7 years ago.  A ruptured appendix....not appendicitis but a full blown rupture.  I had the same, and the recovery time is usually quite lengthy...Rick still has a ways to go before getting back to "normal"....

As for me...I'll be back later>>> God willing.

Photos-A couple of shots of our dried out back yard...the grass looking like close cropped straw.


BRUNO said...

Ain't sure about YOUR part of the country, but as for MINE---I'm bettin' that I have no actual fall-season. Gonna go from SUMMER into WINTER, just like it did, I think(?)in '04. The 80's held-on till mid-November, an' by the first-week of December, we were havin' hard-freezes, and had already experienced the FIRST-snowfall---and it wasn't even "officially" WINTER, yet!

My yard looks exactly like yours, maybe a little-more "spotty" with the "green", though.

I'll do one final mowing, when the leaves are about 90%-down, and then it'll be "tarp-it, and store-it"-time for the MOWING-portion of the equipment.

YOU drag-out your snow-blower, an' a can of wax, and I'LL drag-out my push-blade, an' a steel buffer-brush for the "rough-spots"---an' we'll be prepared for "The War On Winter".....!

Sarge Charlie said...

I left you a comment that said you would see the photos again. Thanks for the info, I love that old crap, maybe because I am old.