Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cuban Missle, Aroldis Chapman~Cincinnati's Secret Weapon

Up and off on my 3 mile morning walk around Celina and Grand Lake's Lake Shore Drive by 7:30 this morning.  As I made my way,  I noticed the wind, what there was of it, was blowing across the lake from the southeast....we have storms and rain to the west and north as I type, and I'm wondering if Hurricane "Earl", making towards the North Carolina Outer Banks some 1000 miles away might be causing the winds to flow in that direction?   I'm not sure how much, if any, rain we will get...we do need it.  The past couple of weeks have been painfully dry, hot and humid.   Time will tell...if we don't get the rain from this front, it may be awhile....

The "Cuban Missile" arrives in Cincy_____

While all the talk around Major League Baseball earlier this season was about Washington Nationals prospect and right handed fireballer, Steven Strausberg, The Cincinnati Reds were quietly working their Cuban defector left handed flame thrower, Aroldis Chapman, down in AAA Louisville...waiting for the right time to bring him up to he big league team.

The Reds decided to bring their feel-good story up the parent club one day before the rosters were locked for the far he has been everything that was advertised. 

In Chapman's first outing, one inning of middle relief against the Milwaukee Brewers, he was perfect...showing off a 102 MPH Fastball and a middle 80s MPH Slider, he got a strike out and set the Brew Crew down in order, the Reds won, moving 7 games ahead of the St. Louis Cards in the NL Central Division.  Then last night, with the Reds down 1-0 in the 6th...manager Dusty Baker brought in the young phenom for another single inning....once again "perfect", this time reaching 103 MPH.   Cincinnati then gave the escapee of the Castro Crap hole called Communist Cuba, his first MLB victory, by scoring 6 runs, including a 3 run homer by the batter who pinch hit for Chapman.  With another Cardinal loss, the Reds head to St. Louis for a 3 game Labor Day series, with an 8 game lead...anything less than a sweep by the home team, will give Cincinnati a strangle hold on the division.  Not bad for a team picked anywhere from 3rd to 6th in the division at the start of the season.

Chapman, Politics, and Sports____

2 innings in the Major Leagues does not a career make, look no farther than Strausberg, already undergoing "Tommy John" surgery tomorrow, thus ending his 2010 and 2011 baseball seasons.  So Chapman is not a lock for stardom just yet...but his story is a great one, that all "real American patriots" should endorse.

Chapman, playing for the Cuban National Team {does anybody but me relish the fact the Chapman escaped from a Red Communist controlled country, to play for the Cincinnati "Reds"?  I love it...take that Castro}, Aroldis Chapman escaped and was granted asylum in the tiny European country of Andorra...expected to be courted by the "Major Market" teams like both Chicago's, the Yankees, Red Sox, etc...Chapman was the prize and surprise Crown Jewell pick up of the small market Cincinnati Reds...look for him, albeit in a relief role, to draw big crowds to wherever the Reds play the remainder of the season.

How ironic is it that Chapman escapes from Communist Cuba, controlled by that murdering icon of the American Left, Fidel Castro?  Cuba, the country that the supporters of our own dictator-in-waiting, Barack Insane Obama, worship...the country American progressives(along with Venezuela), look toward as something we should strive to be....Cuba, the country, that anybody outside of the protected Communist Class,  that people put their very lives on the line to get the Hell out of....I'll trade a thousand Barack Obamas' and his supporters for one more Aroldis Chapman...give me patriots, Cuba can have the stinking "Progressives' from out shores....

Obama, Castro, Chapman....only one man is worth honoring...and it's not the first 2 pieces of leftist garbage.

Politics and Sports...who says the don't mix? 

On a somewhat related note, but far less dramatic one.  Our own local kid from Maria Stein Marion Local High School, Cory Luebke, makes his debut for the San Diego Padres tomorrow night, starting on the mound against the Colorado Rockies.  After a strong career with the Marion Local Flyers, Cory pitched for The Ohio State Buckeyes for 3 years...and after 3 years in the Padres farm system, he gets his first opportunity tomorrow is indeed a great time to be a baseball fan in this part of Ohio. 

I worked the plate on several occasions when Cory pitched during his high school and American Legion days...and youngest son Hal, was one of his coaches during summer ball....Good Luck Cory!  And Go Reds!!!
The Day Ahead____

This afternoon I am slated to work a Junior High Football double header at St. Henry...if the storms arrive we could see lighting delays...when that is done, think I'll grab a cold one, and watch the Ohio State Buckeyes kick off the NCAA Football season with a home game against the Marshall "Thundering Heard", or the Thundering Nerds as we called them during my days on the campus of Ohio University...Sam will be working the game for OSU.Com and the Big Ten Network, so I'll get a first hand report when he returns home to officiate a JV game with me on Saturday morning.

That's the scoop for now...back later>>>>

Photos-Top-"The Cuban Missle" Aroldis Chapman of the Reds...Castro and Obama Ass-soul brothers--in-arms, and local product Cory Luebke makes his MLB debute tomorrow night, starting for the San Diego Padres vs Colorado.

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