Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beware of the RINO,.........."Sparky Anderson RIP"

First off...Sad news from the world of Baseball.  My all-time favorite MLB Manager, Sparky Anderson, who lead both the Big Red Machine in the 1970s and the Tigers in the 80s through the mid 90s, has passed away at the rather young age of 76, RIP Sparky:

On to Politics...beware the RINO!

The GOP kicked ass Tuesday, make no mistake about it....63 or more House Seat gains, 6 gained Senate Seats, and 30 or so Governorships now in Republican hands....and that doesn't count all the state Assemblies and legislative branches now in GOP power.  It was a good night, but danger lurks...not only from Obama and his Marxists minions, but from the likes of Lindsey Graham, and like minded RINOs(Republicans in Name Only) still clinging to power within the party, and all more than willing to work with the Kenyan and Thief who occupies the White House.                                                                                        

There is danger within and outside the party.  The lame stream media, both outside the Internet and on left leaning websites like Politico, HuffBlow, and The Daily Kos,  are already trying to spin the massive losses by Liberals and Democrats into a defeat of the Conservative Branch of the GOP:

Don't believe the Bullshit....The US House is now solidly controlled by the GOP, or will be come January...the Senate however still has a large number of McCain and Graham type RINOs more than willing to vote with Obama and Company to control you and your pocketbook.  In 2012 in addition to the Obummer up for reelection, you have at least 31 Senators, including 21 Democrats...if the right minded Republicans(a big IF), do the job they were sent to do, more massive defeats to the far left of both parties is in the cards....but we Conservatives have to be watching our backs, and those of the folks we elected to turn this country around.  The dyed-in-the-wool Washington insiders, like Karl Rove and Company, don't like the Tea Party members and other true Conservatives, they would love to go back to 2004 and the ways that got Obama and Pelosi in power in the first place...Don't let them have that power!

Cut spending, and stop the steamrolling of more government regulation and red tape...control the border, and get the Hell out of our lives...that's what we want from Washington.  More power to the States and more freedom for legal Americans, deport or jail the rest of the illegal bastards.

That is the Bottom Line...this battle for the soul of America, has just began, don't let your guard down now!

Don't let the lying left wing media set the agenda...and don't let Lindsey Graham and his ilk set it either:

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Photos-Sparky Anderson, 3 time World Series winning Manager(2 with Cincy another with Detroit) dead of dementia at the age of 76....Lindsey Graham, the Face of RINOs in the GOP and Sarah Palin is the face of the Conservative Republicans.

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