Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ohio State vs Michigan~Snow Bowl 60th Anniversary 11/25/1950

I will continue to look at movies, and movie clips from my youth and earlier tomorrow 11/26/10

Heavy rains throughout yesterday and last night have continued in a lighter vein this morning....I'm guessing we had at least 3 inches so far with more on the we get ready to head to my sister's place for our annual Thanksgiving get-together.  Hal came last night, his fiancee, Lisa, will join us before Noon, and Sam is heading home from Columbus for the day....the rains are slated to continue through early evening.  Of course it could have been snow...much like it was 60 years ago today...A Saturday November 25, 1950...when the annual All Time Greatest Rivalry in College Football took place in a massive Midwest Snow Storm:

It was too bad Michigan won the game 9-3 to move on to the Rose Bowl...UM came out on top despite having Zero First Downs and a like number of completed forward passes...blocked punts and a single Field Goal were the offense of the is some great old footage with accompanying play-by-play:

80,000 fans braved the elements to watch this "classic" in the series...Saturday, Ohio State looks for it's 7th straight win in the series, and their 6th consecutive Big Ten Title, or at least a share of, with a win.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving...back tomorrow with more Movie Nostalgia>>>>

Photos-60 Years Ago @ Columbus, Ohio, The Snow Bowl Michigan 9 Ohio State 3

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