Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glenn Beck takes aim at Puppet Master(for Obama) George Soros

Glorious Days of Indian Summer have reached western Ohio....the all too short period that gives us a respite from the rainy, cold,  days of November before Winter comes a calling in full over the coming Holiday Season.  68 today and about the same through Friday, with nothing but sunny days and clear night skies, before returning to "normal" over the coming weekend.

Opening of Dartball last night, a pretty pathetic team performance to say the least...with some veterans missing, and the kids and 3 brand new players on the team, we misfired, losing 2-1, 9-1, 3-2, to last years league champions, Hopewell Lutheran.  I did all right, going 4 for 9 with a triple and 3 of the teams 4 runs batted in...team wise it may be a long season.  With basketball season set to begin, I will miss quite a few opening games....time for the team to grow, and some players to step up.

 The Losers on the Left take aim at Glenn Beck_____

If nothing else, one Glenn Beck has a huge set of balls.  The left no longer targets Rush Limbaugh as enemy #1, Glenn Beck, the radio and Fox News Talker, has taken over that crown.  The loony left despises Beck and would like nothing more than to see him dead...why you might ask?  Because he has them pegged to a T.  From a half breed, half baked, Marxist in the White House, to a plastic surgery donned grandma from San Francisco, to a lazy fat liar of the Global Warming Hoax, that used to be Vice President, to the "Puppet Master", George Soros, who pulls all the strings for the far left media and Barry and Company.

Tonight on Beck's 5pm(Eastern Time) Fox News show....Beck goes after enemy #1 of American Patriots, George Soros:


The Soros Sock Puppets are not taking this lying down....they want Glenn Beck stopped and I'm guessing they will pull out all the stops to see that this show on the evil that is Georgre Soros, is discredited.

I have come to the point of the last few years and months, that I can no longer stand to even argue with lefties...they are either (1) Totally Ignorant of what's going on in the world  (2) Just Plain Stupid  (3) Slaves to the Nanny State  (4) So Politically Correct that they are guilt ridden to a fault, or (5) Evil Sons a Bitches that actually believe in the Snake Oil that the Kenyan Puppet, the left wing media, and their Master Soros is selling.  In short, they are not worth my time and/or energy to bother with...life is to short to deal with these fools.

So join me and all right thinking Americans in watching Beck peel the skin off the Obummer Onion at 5pm Eastern(2 PM in the West) on Fox News TV tonight.

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Remember I told you yesterday Food Prices will skyrocket, and supplies will dwindle...even the far left loons in Fariy Old England know it's coming:

Photos-Glenn Beck takes aim at Anti American Entrepreneur George Soros, tonight at 5pm EST on Fox News, Soros, the man who has Barack Obama by the short hairs and leads him around doing his dirty work.  And below, Indian Summer, makes it appearance this week in West Central Ohio:

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