Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Don't Touch My Junk"~The New Rally Cry of the American Traveler

A little fog this morning, Celina Schools were in fact delayed a couple of hours, as were St. Marys across the lake...the rest of the area was running on schedule...a little rain, cold, and, gloomy, as 9am approaches.  Last night I headed for my birth town of Van Wert, for our local Basketball Rules meeting...this gives me four, plus the State meeting online.  So I have met my requirements to continue my license to officiate basketball, baseball meeting begin in early February.  Sam still needs a couple, so I will probably go with him for one more over the holiday break he has at Ohio State.  After a few weeks off, once my football schedule ended, I will begin basketball Saturday morning...a Varsity/JV Boys Scrimmage at Lincolnview...we will see if the legs and body are ready.  Next week a partial schedule, then it's pretty much 4 to 6 nights a week of roundball, including some Saturdays with 3 games, morning and evening, on the schedule.

"Don't Touch My Junk"_____ 

San Diego air traveler John Tyner has brought national attention to the overreach by the Federal Government and it's band of uneducated, incompetent, Airport Gestapo, called TSA.  The invasive search proceeders from the Federal Government came to light this you want radiated or groped? The interesting part is that Conservatives seem divided on the issue.  Many of my fellow right wingers seem all more than willing to be strip searched, fondled, or submit to a full body scan, all in the name of National Security...others say "Not So Fast".  I'm with the latter.

The Answer to the Problem_____

The answer to making air travel and America safer is pretty simple actually.  However, it would require a big dose of NON-Politically Correct Action.

First off, stop letting Islamics into the country.  Whether Students, diplomats, UN Stooges, or leaders, like that Nazi clown from Iran.  In short~Stay the Hell out of America.  And a message to our neighbors to the north..."Stop letting a half million of the sonsabitches into Canada each year, we are tired of having them cross your half assed secured border".

Let's face it, Islam, whether you want to call it Radical Islam(aren't all Islamics radicals?), Middle Eastern Islam is the problem.  Until we stop the influx of Mo-hammered, The Pedo For Profit worshippers coming into the country...we are going to lose our freedoms, once step at a time, and remain in danger from terrorist attacks.  Obama and his left wing followers, as well as some misguided Conservatives and Moderates, seem to feel that is fine and dandy.  But until we have the guts to do what I suggest, profile the Middle East Dudes, and leave the rest of us the Hell alone.

In the meantime, maybe we should  heed of Ol' Blue Eyes advice:

PROFILE, PROFILE, PROFILE....and we can start with that bastard sitting in the White House!


Photos-John Tyner "The Junk Man", Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, and the Real Barack Obama

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