Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Movie Nostalgia, Part 1

I got home from a late Dartball match at Schumm, Ohio, about 10:15 last night....another bad night for St. John Lutheran.  We now stand at 0 wins and 9 loses....in my 16 years of playing, I cannot remember a season starting off like this.  And we can't even blame an overcrowded lineup or new players...we only had 8 there last night, and 5 of us were veterans of many years, we still stunk.  I ended up going 7 for 15, but slumped late, after starting out 5 of my first 6 with 3 RBIs.  We lose to the host team 4-3, 3-1, and 3-2, in 14 innings in the final game...again close, but no Cigar.  We will return home next week, although I will be full into basketball, and be missing the first game or so of the night for most of the remaining games through early February.

After I got home I grabbed a glass and poured a Sam Adams Dark Beer, called Cream Stout...a good brew, along the same lines as Guinness Extra Stout, although not quite as bold...or as tasty in my opinion.  The storms and heavy rains moved in and lasted most of the night...cooler with sunshine this morning however.

Tonight I'm at Waynesfield-Goshen for more Basketball scrimmages...Wednesday and Turkey Day off, then starting Friday, I'll be officiating roundball in one form or the other most days, except Wednesday and Sunday, for the next 12 or 13 weeks...taking time out for the Holidays and Hal and Lisa's wedding that comes in early February.
Nostalgia=Yearning for the past, returning home in ones thoughts, sentimental yearning through books, films, etc.______________

I guess my Nostalgia runs along the lines of Movies, Genealogy, old photos, Civil War, and World War II History, my year in Vietnam, and some childhood reflections, especially from my years in Scott, Ohio, and Venice, Florida.   Do I yearn for the past?  Hardly, but I do enjoy American History, old movies, researching my family roots, music from the 60s and 70s(only because today's stuff stinks), old photos, and America on the home front during the 2nd World War...especially old black and white photos of that era, and the Great Depression, a few years before I came along.

My taste in movies, as I mentioned early this week, tends to run the gamete from Film Noir, to early comedy, westerns from Wayne to Eastwood, and hard boiled detective films as well...sadly, most modern films are politically correct and rooted in bullshit and diversity, which have no real relationship to reality, at least my reality.  Most modern stuff, whether on the big screen, or on the tube, is garbage these days.  I keep Cable TV, and it's outrageous costs, if for no other reason than the knowledge that I get Turner Movie Classics Channel....which, despite my dislike of Ted Turner, is still, IMO, the best channel on TV.

Favorite Movies and some Clips_____part #1

Posted today are a few clips from some of my favorite movies...and accompanying photos or posters.....

First Casablanca, with Bogart, Bergman, and pals....the clip is not the "Play it (again) Sam" but one from Co-Star Claude Rains:


Despite the darkness of much of the movie, there were a few "funny" parts involved in the dialog...this being one of them.

An earlier Bogart entry saw him reach stardom, when he played "Mad Dog" Roy Earle along side Ida Lupino in High Sierra...once again the gangster flick did have some Comedy, this segment, with Bogey and type cast black actor Willie Best, shows a piece of that:


No way you could get away with that type of comedy today...the PC police would never stand for it....Willie Best made a good career out of it....if you find it offensive, you need a reality check from life in America 70 years ago.

Bob Hope, before his "Road" Movies with Bing Crosby, had one of the best lines ever, especially if you think Democrats are lemmings....2010 or 1940, not much has changed....


Yes, Democrats are the same now as they were 70s years ago when "Ghost Breakers" came along...Sheep, Lemmings, Zombies....not much has changed.

And finally today...a look at a movie, that cannot be categorized as anything but "American Classic"...is on any top 5 movies of all time list of mine.  The Best Years of Our Lives" from 1946.


Liberal, Conservative, Moderate?  Doesn't matter....this movie was a classic portrayal of post war life of the American Soldiers,  who came home to a different world and life.  The movie garnered 7 Oscars.

Tomorrow I will move forward to the years of Sci-Fi Classics of the 1950s....and more on Detectives,  Westerns and Comedy's,  to follow in the days to come.  I am pretty sick of writing about politics, TSA "gropers", and Obama BS....the next few days, pre and post Thanksgiving, will focus on a much more lite fare.

back later>>>>

Photos-Bogart, Bergman, Ida Lupino, Bob Hope, Harold Russel, Dana Andrews, and Fredric March...all from some of my favorite movies of the 1940s.

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