Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Indian Summer....Beck on Soros Part #1

Wish I could take credit for the photo to the left, but...gotta give credit to some unknown photographer that released this image to the general public.  Nice shot of Indian Summer type weather.  The very weather we are enjoying in West Central Ohio these days...and it looks like it will last through Friday...too bad for the working stiffs, because come the weekend, 40s and some rain will be back in the forecast.  Meanwhile the rest of us will enjoy the near 70 degree temps with all day sunshine.

As for the photo, the one on the bottom of yesterday's blog, was mine...taken along the St. Marys River, near Rockford, Ohio...about 10 miles from our place...not sure where the one posted today was taken, but the date said 2005.  One thing about this year, with the dry conditions, and strong winds of late summer, we had almost no color to speak was a brown end to the season.

I mowed and mulched mom's yard yesterday, probably the final use of the Toro for the season...on Monday I fired up the Snow Machine, and let it run for about 20 minutes...I may have to replace the plus or drain the ran, but did seem to be missing a bit, so will work on that in the next few days.

Glenn Beck on George Soros part 1                                           

After finishing the yard work at mom's yesterday, I came home, fired up a 1876 Torpedo Cigar, and poured a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout into a frosted glass...both went down fact a couple of the dark beers went down well.  After that I went inside to watch the first installment of Glenn Beck's expos on Obama Puppet Master, George Soros, the evil bastard that has destroyed several currencies around the world, and now with the help of his pathetic Kenyan tool, is trying to destroy not on the dollar, but the Republic as well.

Here is the first 15 minutes of Part 1: 

The other segments can be found on You Tube by typing in Beck on Soros followed by the date, November 9, 2010, and the part...2, 3, etc.     

I found it to be interesting to say the least...I had forgot much of what this Jewish born Nazi Collaborator had done to destroy the countries and the currencies that he has put his filthy corrupt hands on.  I also found that if you don't know much about Soros, that this expose' might be a bit confusing....I have to believe that is why the left would dismiss the series.  For one that despise Beck, and 2, they just don't have the courage or brains to realize what this bastard and the Obama henchman and supporters are capable of.

It's time to realize that Obama is nothing more than a tool, and a small part of the evil that the left is bringing to American....Soros and Company are out to destroy the Republic, the worshipping left will be the first to get run over....the rest of us plan to fight back.  Part 2 is tonight on Fox News Channel at 5pm EST.

Basketball scrimmages start this weekend, but I plan on taking an extra week off before I begin.  I want to get my legs in shape for the coming hardwood season, and did not take any scrimmages until November 20th...although if needed, I might take one as early as the 18th..but no sooner than that, I am enjoying the rest from the scene.

In the meantime, I have another Rules Meeting tonight in Van Wert, and plan on being outside as much as possible the next few days, to enjoy this last days of nice weather before the cold of late fall reappears.

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Photo-public domain photo of a Indian Summer Day along the a river...and Glenn Beck(Right) peels the onion skin off the utterly corrupt and dangerous George Soros...the Obama Puppet Master.  My afternoon post mowing was spent out in the sun with a couple of Guinness Extra Stouts and a Hand Rolled 1876 Torpedo...great finish to a busy day.


BRUNO said...

Run a can of Sea-Foam fuel treatment through that snow-eater. It conditions the fuel, AND preserves it. I think it works BETTER than Sta-Bil.

It does one helluva good job on the injector/carb systems of vehicles, as well. Generally once each year does the trick for them.

I once had some of the 1876-'gars, in 50x5.5---but I didn't care that much for them, they seemed to vary in taste/strength. I may not have let 'em cure in the humidor long enough, though???

PRH....... said...

I'll try the Sea-Foam stuff...yep the 1876 gars do vary in taste and strenght, but through Cigar International they are only about a buck a I ain't complaining...we after all are in the Obama Depression, and we have to make due. :)