Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Mid Term Elections~The Morning After

Yesterday on Facebook(click on top right border logo), I predicted that the GOP would win 65 House seats, 7 Senate Seats, and gain 10 Governorships...Those predictions look to be "spot on" at this hour, early Wednesday morning.  There were a few disappointments...Harry Reid winning in Nevada and the Queen RINO in Alaska, Lisa Murkowski and her write-in ballots currently are on top.  For the most part however, conservatives and Tea Party folks destroyed what is left of the Obama Agenda for the next two years. However, the GOP best not go back to "Business as usual"....otherwise, they will be out on their asses in two years.

Ohio and the Rust Belt____

Here in the Midwest, voters basically told the Kenyan and Thief, to "Shove It", in Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania(OK, so PA is the Mideast), Indiana, Wisconsin, and the Buckeye State.  In my district of Western Ohio, John Boehner, our Congressman, will in all probability become the next Speaker of the House, replacing Nancy "Botox" Pelosi.  John Kasich defeated NAMBLA Ted Strickland the incumbent Governor, and the GOP took every statewide race, overturning the results of just 4 years ago.  In Congress, Ohio Republicans picked up 5 House Seats to take a 14-4 lead over the Democrats. 


The one thing we can always count on is the total stupidity and corruption of most of the voters in the state formerly known as California....The illegals and the brain dead liberals have successfully put Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown back in office, after 2 decades, and Babs "Call Me Madam Chairman" Brown was reelected to the Senate....I'd like to give California, especially the land from San Diego north along the shore to San Francisco back to of charge, as long as the Mexicans accept the debt that the dump has foisted on the rest of the USA.

Other than Reid staying, and a few other disappointments, it was a good night for Republicans and Conservatives(Tea Party and others)...the Obama Gravy Train has been stopped on it's tracks, for now.  But the next 2 years will be interesting.  Redistricting will be in the forefront, and with the new Governorship majority belonging to the GOP...things look one has to ask themselves.."How can the Republicans Screw This Up"?  You know they will give it their best shot!

For now however, enjoy the wins and watch the talking heads at MSNBC and the other far left outlets head's explode, trying to spin this one to their advantage.  For the latest election results and updates, go here:
Meanwhile I'll sit back and enjoy the show....later

Photos:  John Boehner, Our Local Congressman is in as Speaker, Rubber Faced Nanny State Pelosi is OUT!


Deborah Wilson said...

Yep, it was a good night - a very good night!

And down south in Georgia, I was really surprised, almost the whole state voted Republican {liberal Atlanta and small college towns will always be blue].

Not too happy with Gov - but at least Roy Barnes [aka King Roy] was defeated!


Mushy said...

Here in Tennessee...we did good!

PRH....... said...

Deb/Mushy: The Solid South is GOPland...who would have thunk it back in the 1950s?

I plan on keeping my Congressman, John Boehner(soon to be House Speaker) and his feet to the more Obama Socialism.

The Lonely Conservative said...

It was a good night. On the bright side, with Harry staying put we won't have "Chuck You" Schumer as the next Senate Majority Leader. My candidate in NY25 has taken the lead! So there could be some more good news on the horizon.

PRH....... said...

Hope your guy takes it least 63 for the House, 6 in the Senate, and probably 30-31 Governorships, plus dozens of state assemblies...if the GOP doesn't screw this up, things may be looking up!