Monday, November 8, 2010

On More Shot of Indian Summer/The Coming Food Shortage?

Low 60s and plenty of sun today, and approaching 70 by midweek, with nothing but, clear, evenings, and mild days...perfect weather for early November.  Things will settle down by early next week, and cool off, with a shot of rain as well.

The one thing, well one of many things, I dislike about the days and weeks leading up to winter, is the end of Daylight Savings Time....this past weekend saw us return to Standard Time, and yesterday, here in West Central Ohio, it was pitch black by 6:15 in the afternoon, by the time the days start to get longer, daylight wise, around Christmas, it will be dark by 5:30pm.  I don't mind the cool, usually wet months of November and early December, but I do mind 6pm feeling like Midnight.

I wrote yesterday about what I believe to be the upcoming economic collapse in this country, and most of the western world, I'm not a pessimist but am a realist.  No way Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Company can continue to print money in the disguise of stimulus money, and pretend that is will not have a devastating effect on the economy, not only here, but throughout much of the world.  The collapse will come, the question is not if, but when, and sooner or later?

Glenn Beck says Food Shortages Coming_____
Glenn Beck drives the left, both in and out of the media, crazy.  They hate his for his rating, they hate him for his ideas, the hate him for his success and money made,  but most of all they hate him, because he is right, most of the time.  Although I don't agree with him on all things(some I am much farther to the right that he would ever dream of being), I listen on occasion to his radio show, and watch his Fox News TV show, when I'm I said, he drives the left "bonkers", and that is what I really enjoy about his books and broadcasting.

For the past couple of years, since King Obama and Queen Michelle Antoinette were crowed the Royal Family of America by the suckers that voted for him in 2008, and the lap dog press, Beck has been talking about the coming Depression(no, not that bump in the road we are currently in) addition the devalued dollar, loss of  jobs, and skyrocketing energy prices.   Beck has been predicting higher food prices, and less of it on the shelves.  He has restated those predictions of late:

Patricia and I went to restock our shelves last night at Wally World...and came back shaking our heads...she does the lions share of all the shopping(I buy beer, and on occasion a bunch of Bananas) and told me that she had not seen the shelves at Wal Mart that empty in a long time...and of course, even there, the prices are up, way up, over the past few's only going to get worse, before it gets better, if it ever does.

My suggestion, for what it's worth, is buy the bulk foods you can afford, and store them out of harms's a win-win situation.  If Beck and others are still have a good supply of food and goods, and at a better price than you will see next month, or the month after.  However, if he is right....what you will have will be more valuable than gold.....think about it!

The regular Dartball season begins tonight, as we head to Hopewell Lutheran, the home of the defending league champions from last season....we still have a mix of youth and old guys...hopefully we will improve on last seasons team stats....I'll have a hard time bettering my personal log...last year it was 2nd in the League Batting Race with a .441 average, and double digits in RBIs.  I would like to increase my runs batted in over last year, but we have to get more base runners on ahead of me for that to happen.                                                  
On the Big Ten TV Network this afternoon, they have replays of Saturday's Ohio State Hockey vs Alabama Huntsville, and then tonight, Ohio State Men's Basketball against Walsh, which was played Sunday.  The reason I mention this is that oldest son Sam was the Director of the Hockey Broadcast and the Producer of the Basketball he is majoring in Actuarial Science but working for the Big Ten Network and to help pay his way through.  He seems to be getting a kick out of it.

So, I'll watch a bit of his work, then get ready to head out to Dartball.....back later

Photos-Food Shortages, Glenn Beck's take on those, Dartball are the subjects of today's blog post.


BRUNO said...

I've noticed basically the same thing as you and your wife, as pertaining to low-stocked inventory, and not only at Wally-World or Sam's.

I dunno if you've ever done any volunteer work lately at any of your County or Church-sponsored food pantries, but I'll tell you this: In MY area, it's lookin' pretty sad. It's not that people are giving less, as much as it's the NEED for such has almost DOUBLED, in the last year.

I don't see much improvement either in the coming months, at least in this-part of the state.

The Missouri Bootheel is well-known for it's "feast-or-famine"-type of lifestyle...

PRH....... said...

Got a buddy who works as a full time driver for the Food Bank/Community Action place....they are coming out of the woodwork looking for help. Now some folks need it all the time, or claim to, but it's getting worse for the regular folks...and Obummer sez The Recession ended in June 2009...ended my ass!

solution said...

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