Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Coming Economic Collapse

Well here it tis, a sunny, cold, Sunday morning, a day I usually don't touch this blog....but in the aftermath of the good election news this past week I figured, after reading the latest news on the economic mess we are in, I must post a response to what you are hearing and reading from the "Lame Stream Media"....the very same media that would downplay the Tea Party Factor in the election, and the very same media that continues to carry water for the Kenyan in the White House known as Barack Obama.

Is the Economy about to Collapse?

The Media, and the Obummer's Economic team continue to sell you the goods that the Recession ended in June 2009.   Do you believe it?  Do you believe that the "real" unemployment rate is just you believe that we are slowly coming out of this latest "Recession"?  Or do you believe what is coming at us is going to make "The Great Depression" looks like a scene from the old sorry TV show called "Good Times"?

Forget what the media is trying to sell you....there are some places you can find the truth, here is one that tends to brush the shine off the current mess, no spin here:

Economic Collapse Website:

Laugh it off or believe it in full...the choice is yours, but something ugly is coming.  Blame Bush, blame Barry, blame yourselves....plenty of it to go around, but something powerful and evil is coming this way, like a freight train in the dark of night.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend if you can...back later:

Photos-In My Opinion, the scenes above from the 1930s are going to make those the coming economic collapse look like "The Good Ol' Days", and this White House and the compliant media are doing their best to keep you in the dark.


United Citizens Council said...

I agree. I have seen this coming. They have decided to devalue the dollar and make everyone poorer while prices "skyrocket" (as Obama plans openly called for at least in regards to electricity).

I call it the Great Fall.

The next couple of years are going to be brutal. Leftist policies will stretch a depression as we saw with FDR. Not that I have much faith in the GOP in this regards.

Massive spending cuts is what is needed from government. The Federal Reserve move reminds me of Zimbabwe. Will we need wheelbarrows of cash to buy a loaf of bread? Assuming we can find a store selling bread.

PRH....... said...

Patricia and I went to Wally World this afternoon, to refill our supplies, and check on prices...she said to me, "I have never seen the shelves as empty at Wal Mart as they were today"....the prices of food, and of course fuel, is starting to climb...this is going to get ugly before all is said and done, and the American Sheeple, for the most part, have no clue on what is coming.

United Citizens Council said...

No they do not. One of the things they will notice besides all the price increases is that the number of brands on shelves will decrease and shelf space gets filled more with cheaper staples.

The people out there aren't aware that we could be facing shortages of basic items in a couple years if things don't change radically.

All of it will stem from the fact that the government cannot control its spending. Notice that they never even bothered to pass a budget this year and that the GOP didn't exactly make an issue of it.

Will the GOP radically cut spending? I kind of doubt it but I have little left but hope.