Monday, November 22, 2010

JFK, Basketball, Bristol Palin, Bengals, Buckeyes, and Harry Potter

I would say the title of the blog says I have much to say about nothing, or little to say about a lot of things, will see how that works out as I type.  It was a weekend that kept me busy from Friday afternoon until late last night.....and I would say, it was better than sitting around ...although I did plant my butt on the leather recliner for the Buckeye/Iowa game Saturday afternoon....a come from behind win that sent Ohio State to a 10-1 record and still tied with Wisconsin and Michigan State atop the Big Ten standings.  Next weekend will see the final Big Battle of the season, this one between arch rivals Michigan at Ohio State....looks like both of the boys will see that game live.  Sam working for the Big Ten Network, and Hal in the stands.  As for me?  I've got a early morning Freshman Girls game at Minster, will come home watch the Buckeyes beat Michigan again, and then head off to Spencerville for a girls JV game that evening, that should be enough keep the blood flowing all weekend....and the legs sore.

The Cincinnati Bengals were "blacked out" locally(since they didn't sell out)...and it appears they didn't show up for their game with equally hapless Buffalo in the 2nd half.  Leading early 28-7 and at half 31-14, the Bengals were skunked after halftime and lost 49-31...the trademark of a pathetic season, just one year after they swept the division rivals and made the playoffs.  So with no "Bungles" to watch, I caught a bit of NASCAR, which saw Jimmy Johnson win his 5th straight crown, and some of the Packers blow-out win over Brett Favre and the Vikings...Packer fans have to be smiling at the downfall of the "Drama Queen" least I know Sam is, he's a life long Pack fan, as are all of the wife's family....although some of them still like Brett, Sam not being one of them....he can no longer stand the guy....I'm pretty fact, the NFL, like NASCAR, is pretty contrived and boring these days, at least in my mind.

Harry Potter Reviewed_____

  My taste in movies pretty much runs the gamete.  I especially like 1940s Film Noir, from Bogart to Cagney,  funny stuff of the same generation, especially Cary Grant movies.  Enjoy almost all Hitchcock, and some Abbot and Costello, and The 3 Stooges comedies....then the John Wayne westerns from the 50s and 60s...and just about anything Clint Eastwood, from the 70s and 80s...but not that politically correct crap he produces and directs these days, that stuff isn't worth getting on the shoes to go see.

Patricia and I usually take in 2 or 3 movies in the theater a year....of late it's been action stuff and Harry Potter and The C.S. Lewis "Chronicles of Narnia" series....the latest of which comes out next month.  Anyway, after we, along with Anissa, had an early supper, we headed off to see the latest installment of Harry...."The Deathly Hallows" part 1...meaning that the studio had in mind making at least a second installment, so they could rake in more millions of bucks...not that I blame them.

First thing off, the Celina Theater had the volume way too loud....that in itself was irritating as Hell.   The movie was a little over 2 hours long...and dragged in the middle.  The special effects were, as usual, pretty darn good.  the kids stars are getting a little old, with some sexual suggestions present...I'm for sure no prude, but aren't these books for the younger set?  The movies are not to be sure...dark, well acted, but not suitable for the impressionable set, in my opinion.  The movie started strong, dragged for the next hour, then ended with a bang....and left you with the knowledge, if you had any interest in what happens, you will be back and paying to see the final episode(?) come 2011.  I give it a C+, and we will most likely trudge off to see the next version.  By that time, the actors will be way too old, and the series, at least in this form, will come to an end.

Dartball tonight...our longest drive of the season, the 20 miles or so to Schumm Lutheran, where we will try to win at least a game....Schumm is the usual winner, and the most powerful team in the league over my 16 years playing...although last week they did get swept in 3 games by Hopewell, like we did the previous week.  We stand at 0-6 and they are 2-4.  This will be my final full Monday for awhile...for most of the season I will have games on Monday, and be arriving late to toss the feathered wood darts.

The Death of JFK, 47 years ago today____

I have not seen or heard much about the assassination of John Kennedy,  some 47 years ago today, on the news...maybe they are saving things up for the 50th observance in 2013?  Most of us over the age of 55 I'm guessing, can tell you where they were when the young Prez was gunned down. 

A cold rainy November in 1963...our Algebra teacher, my Freshman year at Celina High School,  tells us that "President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas, Texas, and is presumed dead".  I wasn't a JFK fan, but I despised Lyndon Johnson.  And still do to this day.  "The Great Society", my war, the Vietnam War, and his lies, are enough to put LBJ in my rankings of the 5 worst Presidents in my recollection....joining him are FDR, Carter, Clinton, and the current Kenyan asshole in the White House.  JFK, by today's standards was a Conservative....both fiscal and social, far more than some so-called Conservatives today.  Johnson, on the other hand was a jerk, a certified lying bastard, who is responsible for much of the ills in America today.

The weekend that followed the Kennedy murder, the funeral, the shooting of Oswald, and the black and white TV news reporting, seem surreal today....those that were of age, unless hiding in a cave, cannot possibly forget that weekend, 47 years ago.

So that's where I was on November 22, 1963...sitting in Algebra Class, on a cold, rainy, Friday afternoon. in Celina, Ohio, when JFK became the stuff folk lore is made of.  A young President from a suspect family, who would produce more useless politicians than any before or since.  He was by far the best of a Kennedy bad lot....his father and brothers, especially one Ted Kennedy, would prove to be a cancer on America...a group of men and a family, given far more love, credit, and respect, than they ever should deserve.

That's my take, and I make no apologies for it.....

Finally, I've never watched "Dancing With The Stars", but hopefully tonight Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, will continue to advance on the show....can she dance?  Who knows?...Who cares?  I just want her to continue really, really, drives the Kennedy, Obama, loving a-holes of America nuts, and that is reason enough to root for her to continue on.  So if you watch, make sure you give her your John Lennon would sing..."Imagine", imagine the left wing losers on a suicide watch?  I wonder if you can?  And if you can, remember, the thought of it, brings a smile to my face.

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Photos-JFK(the best of a bad lot),  Bengals, not quite as hapless when I took this sideline photo in 1983...OSU shoots for at least a share of their 6th straight Big Ten Football Title against Arch-Rival Michigan next week, Harry Potter's latest Deathly Hallows part 1 dragged in parts.  Finally the worst(IMO) of the Kennedy Clan, the abortion loving drunk, Ted Kennedy, who is still glorified by the left...but let's face it, all the lefts heroes, whether a Kennedy, or a half baked Kenyan asshole, are pretty much pure trash.

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