Thursday, February 3, 2011

"February Made Me Shiver...."

Usually the beginning of February you can start getting in the mode for some warmer weather, less snow, more ice, and generally shitty weather, but a bit warmer, with the end of winter on the horizon.  Not so much this day after "Groundhogs Day".

The snow, ice, and wind has ended...for now(although the end of the weekend and early next week looks "iffy").  A bright sun is bouncing off the glazed ice on top of the snow...the temperatures are hanging around 10 degrees..  The calender says February 3rd, the weather thinks it's still January, and it doesn't look like we will get much relief, at least not over the next couple of weeks:

Today we will have a busy day indeed....the day before we leave for West Virginia and the wedding of our youngest, Hal.  Taxes to drop off at the CPA, bills to pay, over to Mom's to see if I can break the ice so Mike can move out of the car port...then off to Sidney to pick up the rental car we will use to travel tomorrow.  I have a Junior High basketball double here in Celina tonight, but I doubt that will get played, given the fact that all local schools are cancelled.

 I am now guessing the van would be fine, since the conditions are improving, but what the Hell?  A 4 wheel drive mid size SUV is waiting, and that is what we will head out in tomorrow.  Sister Marty and husband Pat will follow us down, first a stop in Columbus to pick up Sam....then on to the mountains.

The wedding will be small, just immediate family members attending the Saturday ceremony...the dinner will be held Friday night, a ski hill trip for the men on Saturday morning, when the women are shopping, the Wedding at 5:30pm, Sunday a big farewell Breakfast, then back to Ohio...with us dropping off the Sam and Hal Tuxes on the way back in, Charleston, West Virginia....the reception will be 2 weeks down the road, back in Fairborn(next to Wright Patterson AFB), on February 19th.

Sunday we should be back in town in time for the Super Bowl if all goes as planned....

Of course the title of today's blog co~insides with the 52nd anniversary of the plane crash that claimed Buddy Holly, Richy Valens, and the Big Bopper.... 

back later>>>>

Photos-The Level 3 is down to Level 1 this morning, but the skies cleared as the sun was rising over Celina...Clear, and Very Cold.


Cookie..... said...

Hey mate, your "February made me shiver" lead in line jogged my memory and gave me an idea for tomorrows post (H/T included). Thanks Pat!

BRUNO said...

I'm gettin' ready for some NUDE sun-bathing, here: I only had a dusting, just a little-ice, an' todays' temps should be up around 23-F, or so.☺!

And just 20-miles to my west---"as the crow flies"---in the Ozark-foothills, they got pretty-much the same as YOU-did!

And/or still-DO...!!!

Cookie..... said...

Hey "Bruno", just read yur "bio" and I see we both enjoy oldies and bluegrass. My post today is all oldies from the late 50's and early 60's. Ya just might enjoy it.

BTW, your "nude sun-bathing" weather is almost the same as ours here in upstate, NY. ;-)

Deborah Wilson said...


Wishing Hal the very best!

Deborah Wilson said...



Don't get all excited because you're 'the old man' and forget to take pictures. Bring back pictures.