Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here We Go Again!~~ Mo Snow!!

As I mentioned yesterday, Ohio and the Midwest's short flirtation with Spring, was just back to our Winter of reality:

Of course you never know, but this one appears to be headed straight for Mercer County...the proverbial Snow/Rain Line...rain to the south, ice and snow to the north.  We will see how it all shakes out.  The one thing I am glad about is the fact that we found a decent, lightweight, easy to use, snow blower for mom.  She's in Florida, but the walks and drive still need to be taken care of.   It's been a winter, snow wise, like we haven't seen in a couple of decades.  Not so much accumulation wise, but in the number of storms, snow events, and how long it has stayed around.  It's been on the ground since early December, except for the few warm days near New Year's Day, and the pre-spring warm up we had last week  So with the two snow blowers, my old Snow Machine, and the Toro at mom's hasn't been as bad as it could have been.

If the predictions are even close, I suspect my final basketball game of the season tomorrow will be postponed....many will.  I am scheduled to be at Allen East as they host Paulding.  Meanwhile Celina, which has clinched a share of the WBL title, is slated to host Ottawa-Glandorf, with O-G, one game back, hoping to knock off the Bulldogs and share the title.  Being the final games of the regular season before tournaments begin next week, I suspect the games to be made up Saturday or Sunday, if they are indeed delayed.

Garry and I headed north to Van Wert for another local rules meeting for baseball last night...with helping to work a umpiring class at Parkway on March 19th, and a couple of meetings the next two weeks at my "other" association at Indian Lake, my requirements will soon be completed.  After that, I can pick and choose when and where I want to attend meetings.  I usually do a few more than required, because, frankly, I enjoy the meetings and discussing the rules of my favorite game with my fellow umpires...even if we don't always agree how the rules should be enforced or what they really mean.

In other news_____

The union mess in Wisconsin continues with the far left thugs still in control of the State Capitol at Madison...meanwhile the Democrat morons in the Wisconsin Legislature are still hiding out in Illinois.  Ohio and Indiana are also in the cross hairs of union thugery...led by the likes of AFL-CIO scum, whose leader is another slob fat slob, named Richard Trumka.  Do you ever wonder why union heads always look as though they have never missed a meal, or worked a day in their lives?  Probably because both counts are ture.  Trumka and his boyfriend Barack Obama, are out to destroy this country, one taxpayer, one state at a time.  They are getting plenty of help from lame stream media...especially MSNBC and the clowns like Jon Stewart on the so-called Comedy Channel.  It's a joke all right, as for the suckers that fall for these leftist bastards, the joke will soon be on them.

The Middle East Contines to burn, and the Libyan counter part of our own illegal Prez, Moammar Gadhafi...another thug, whom Barry refused to call out, until finally pressured to do so yesterday, is slaughtering his own people in the streets.  As Libya rages, and the oil prices soar, Obama and Company continue to still stick their noses in the business of the various state governments that they disagree with.  One day, they will get their noses cut off...if the 50% of the fools that still support this Kenyan Asshole, ever wake up.

Nothing going on I will prepare to wait out the coming storm and tomorrow fire up the snow machines if needed...

back later>>>>

Photos-Baseball Season cannot come soon enough for me....Obamy and another one of his union thugs and probably another gay lover , AFL-CIO Thug, Richard Trumka...and Libyan soulmate Barry Soetoro, Moammar Gadhafi...handsome devil, ain't he?

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