Friday, February 25, 2011

One More Time....Another Snow "Event"

As I headed off the bed last night, the Internet Radar showed it was wasn't.  I think to myself, "Well maybe the 6 to 10 inches of white stuff they had upped their predictions too, wasn't going to happen after all".  By the time I woke up a 1:30am to "relieve" myself(a couple of times a night habit when you reach my age), I knew, looking out the window, that indeed we were going to get a good cover, especially with the winds blowing like they were.  At the time things settled down this morning, the fast moving storm had dropped 6 or 7 inches of windblown heavy snow on this part of western Ohio.

Schools, games, and just about everything else was canceled for today and Patricia, home from school (they have no days to cover those already missed, so it appears the school year will be extended, by how many days, will be determined by the late winter snow and ice, along with the usual collection of spring "fog days"), and I put on the winter clothes and headed out to battle the driveway drifts, the city snow plows who dumped more slushy crap into our driveway, and the sidewalk ice....once done there, I headed over to mom's place to dig Mike out...the entire process took about 2 hours, not bad considering how much was dumped in a short time.

Shortly after I finished up at mom's location, the sun made an appearance....and the walks were soon visible, but wet.  Great thing about snow this late in the season, it usually doesn't stay around long, especially if the sun comes out.  The rest of the weekend looks to be cloudy, with rain and mid 50s arriving by early next week...the snow should melt in a hurry if those conditions come to pass.

My game at Allen East, a Northwest Conference match up with visiting Paulding, was postponed until tomorrow, with the JV game beginning at Noon.  The final weekend of league action needs completed, as the Boys Tournaments start Tuesday...the Girls post season has already began.  Dartball semi finals are Sunday afternoon, if we defeat the team from Bethany, we will stick around for the Championship's been a few years since we won the post season tournament...a couple of second place trophies, but no championships with the new younger players involved,  We do however have a decent shot this year, especially with the way we have been playing of late.

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Photos-This morning, at the height of the storm, looking out the front porch across to the tool and dye operation across the street...the tree in front of the dining room window is covered with the fresh snow fall...the driveway awaits the snow machine, and the backyard evergreen and fence after the snow ended about 9am.


Debie Elliot said...

Beautiful pictures. They should be printed out and framed. I love snow pictures.

FHB said...

Niiiiice. It's gettin' warmer here. I'd love one more snowy blast.