Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More from West Virginia and More Snow in Ohio

The weather forecast predicted about a half inch or less of the fluffy white stuff on roadways to make them slippery...."fooled again"....as I type there is already about 2 inches of snow, albeit the fluffy type, it is still making a fine mess, and will call for me to venture out and at least shovel, broom, and salt....

After finishing up the Middle School double header at Elida, {have you ever seen a 6' 5" eight grader, who can dribble, pass, block shots, and dunk the ball?..Glandorf Junior High has one}.. I headed to Dartball at Mendon.  We lost the first game 4-3 before bouncing back to take games two and three...2-1 in 10 innings, and 7-0 in the final game.  We move to 10 wins 8 loses on the seasons second half...much improved from the 6 win 15 loss first half.  I arrived late in the first game, and got hits with my first 2 darts...then made out my next six times up.  I bounced back and finished the night 5 for 12 with 3 RBIs....to up my average to .356 and RBI total to 20.  Last season I finished at .441(second best in the league) with 24 RBIs.  One more week to go, and with our decent 2nd half, we already have more wins than last year.

More from the West Virginia Wedding____
Youngest son Hal called this morning, saying they finally got the snow they had hoped for...too bad it was as they were getting ready to leave the New River Gorge and head back to Ohio....as luck would have it.  That was the only glitch in an otherwise pretty perfect wedding weekend for all.

The Weekend, looking back____

I picked up the Ford Edge at the Enterprise location in Sidney, Ohio(about 40 miles south) Thursday afternoon...the vehicle, to my surprise, was brand new...only 780 miles on it.  It was loaded with all the toys and was indeed a high end rental.  Pretty nice for the 900 or so miles we would put on it over the next 4 days.  Friday morning, we stopped by the Hemmelgarn's, my sister Marty and her husband Pat(yes another Pat in the family), as they would follow us down. We then headed towards Columbus.  There we picked up oldest son Sam and his best man Tux, and off to the mountains of West Virginia.  I took the long way, across I-70 to I-77, down through Charleston, West Virginia...around some winding roads, and after losing my way along the New River Gorge, we finally arrived at the location about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Our digs were 2 large houses in a gated, wooded location, with easy summer access to the whitewater rafting location nearby.  The houses would act as home for the weekend, the ceremony would be held in our location, while the meals, parties, etc would be in the other house....of the 20 staying guests, we had 9, while the other 11 stayed next door...the houses were separated by some 100 yards of leaves and trails. 

After a quick pre~meal get together, we had the first catered dinner party.  A great Mexican Buffet was the first of the meals that saw me gain about 5 pounds over the weekend....lucky for me, I have managed to hold the fort and lost back 2 of them.  With the meals we had, I'm not complaining...the food was worth the extra temporary poundage.

After the pre~wedding meal, music was played, the hot tub was put into full use, the beer and wine bottles were opened, and most of the guys hit the deck of cards, and played a few hours of Texas Hold Em'...I was the 3rd one out...Lisa's dad Tim, and 2 of her four brothers came out on top, as we each tossed in $10 each to make the winnings modest.

That cards and pool shooting lasted until late in the evening, and then we retired to our various rooms and houses, and waited for the big day that would come on Saturday.....

Girls Basketball at Wapakoneta tonight, if the snow ends in time(it's looking pretty white right now)...then back with more stories and photos on the weekend past tomorrow...back later>>>>

Photos-top left...more snow this morning in western Ohio...looking out my landing window.  The Ford Edge...rented from Enterprise for the weekend, a nice ride. Top Cabin was where Patricia, Sam, Anissa, and I stayed...Hal slept there as well on Friday Night...this is where the wedding was held.  Cabin #2 is where the rest of the wedding party stayed...the various dinner parties, cards, pool hot tub, wedding dance, etc were held here as well.  Hal and Lisa at the Friday night dinner...Texas Hold Em' and Pool where what kept the guys entertained on Friday Night.  Saturday Photos tomorrow.....including the Ski/Tubing events...