Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Look Outside the Window...

Peeked out the window this morning and "Lo and Behold"...after six weeks of ice and snow cover, and more ice cover, the ground is now visible....just a few piles of wet, slippery, dirty, icy, snow, lay under the poles, and near the curbs and backyard fence....the 5 day thaw is taking care of business.   Now the challenge, before it freezes and snows again, will be to clean up the back yard mess, thanks to Reagan the Airedale....pretty tough to shovel poop in the ice.   Sunshine today and 55, with a bit cooler forecast tomorrow, sun and 45, and a good rain by cold or below freezing temps before at least next Tuesday, and then the battle between Winter and Spring will go forth for at least the next 6 weeks or more, with Spring eventually winning out, hopefully early in April, if not before.

Worked a Junior High Tournament double last night here in Celina...that finished my JH work for the season....a JV Boys game tonight at Wapak and then one of the same next Friday at Allen East, and my basketball is done until sometime next November.   Bring on Spring and Baseball....after a good 3 weeks rest.

Tomorrow we head to Dayton, where Anissa, Patricia, and I, will stay at the Hope Hotel and Conference Center at Wright~Patterson AFB....close friends, Rick and Toni, Andy and Amy, and Garry and Lisa, will join us there.  Other family and friends will be staying at other places near the American Legion in Fairborn, where Hal and Lisa will hold their Wedding Reception, 2 weeks after the West Virginia Ceremony....should be a great time.  We will head home on Sunday.  Sam and I will toss darts Sunday afternoon in the opening round of the Wabash Valley Dartball post season tournament.

That's the plan for the weekend....not much else to complain about.  However I am watching the events unfold in Wisconsin as their Teachers and Public Employee Unions try to destroy the state economy.  The Badger State the Wife's home state, where Anissa was born and we all lived for several years, back in the late 1970s, is the battle ground for the soul of appears Ohio is next.  Are we Greece or are we America?  The public union power play needs to be defeated. 

Yep, I worked in the public sector for 20 years, my wife has been a public school teacher for 25....but the dead weight and power of the Teachers Unions needs to be gone, and the prize is the saving of the economy.  Let there be no mistake, both sides are guilty, but government and their bloated unions are nothing but pure evil these days....and it's time to stop this madness.  The clock is running!

back later...enjoy the weekend!

Photos-Hal and Lisa at their wedding on February 5th near The New River Gorge in West Virginia...the Reception, back in Ohio tomorrow night.  And the snow/ice is melting away...but I'm sure we will see more before the end of Winter and even early Spring.  However, we will enjoy the respite while it lasts.

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