Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More from West and comments...

The Temperature on AccuWeather says 5 above zero...about the same as when I returned from my basketball officiating at Wapakoneta last night....tonight and by tomorrow morning, down to 5 below, so they say.  I'm not sure I can remember a winter that has been constantly below freezing for these long of stretches, in many years.  Nothing like the winter of 1977-78 in northern Wisconsin to be sure, but long enough to have me sick of it and ready for whatever March might bring.

Tonight, in a rare Wednesday game, I travel back to Elida for the second time this week, for a boys Middle School double header...meaning I will miss my baseball rules meeting in Van Wert.  With last week snowed out, I will be getting a late start, but have plenty of time to get my requirements done.  The state rules meeting is a different story...I need to get one in, but the area ones, except Piqua, have passed or were canceled due to ace in the hole is I can do it on~line.  But this computer has so many firewalls, I cannot get logged in, so I may have to take it over on mom's computer, when I get the time.

Hal and his new bride Lisa, made it back to Ohio yesterday, after a few days extra in West Virginia...both are back at work.  I am sure the short "Honeymoon" was just that, far too short...but at least both have good paying jobs to return to, as they begin their lives together.....


Saturday was the busy and most important day on the West Virginia trip....after morning coffee, the guys, at least 9 of us, headed south to Ghent, West Virginia, to the Winterplace Ski Hills.  Not enough time for the guys that ski(I gave that up years ago) to do that activity, but plenty of time for a few cigars, a few beers, and "tubing" or snow boarding...I choose the beers, and cigars.

However, with my brother-in-law Pat, and Lisa's dad, Tim...we did take a few shots at the Tubing portion...Tim did great, being somewhat younger, Pat at least got down head first...I made it down, albeit backwards the entire way.  Don't know how I got turned around, and once I did, I had no clue how to get turned back forward.  But What The Hell?  I made in down safe and sound, and the old guys can at least say, we gave it a try.
Once done at Winterplace, we headed back to Geno's Pizza in Fayetteville, grabbed lunch and watched some basketball.  While we were doing that, the women were getting their hair fixed and nails done...we guys had the better time I am sure.  We arrived back at 3:30 or so, about 2 hours before the ceremony was set to begin.  Since the vows would take place at our cabin, we relaxed(except Tim who was busy getting some frozen concoction ready for the Sunday getaway breakfast), with a beer or 2 and watched some basketball before heading to the showers...meanwhile Hal and Sam were fitting into their Tuxedos....the rest of us were going to dress casual, with a shirt and tie being the "casual" of choice.

The wedding at 5:30 went off without a hitch....and shortly thereafter we headed to the other cabin(cabin in name only, as I described yesterday, these large houses were much more than mere cabins), where the catered dinner and festivities would be held into the late hours.  I must say the meals, throughout the weekend, were more than outstanding, and nothing could compare to what the caterers fixed for the post wedding meal.  Some gift openings, music, dancing, and shooting pool followed.  Some of the guys were ready for another card game...but I was bushed from the early rise, the food, beer, and ski hills...I hit the sack at about 11pm.  The next morning would see a great breakfast, fixed by Tim and wife, Kim, the New River Gorge Bridge, and a winding way back on US 60 towards Charleston...more later on that.

As I mentioned, at Elida tonight, Van Wert tomorrow, here in town Friday, for the JV portion of a key WBL contest, and a JV game at Allen East for Saturday afternoon.  That will end a busy week.  Next week basketball winds down, then we have the reception for the couple on the final fling at basketball February 25th, then some down time before Baseball begins with scrimmages in Mid March.

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Photos-top/left Hal and Lisa with the "first dance"...Me at the Winterplace Hills in Ghent, WVa, catching up on some "news"...the guys with cigars and a few beers, comptenplating the tubing to come.  One of the tube runs, and Hemmelgarn celebrating his conquering the run...The location of the Ceremony, me and the boys about an hour before the vows were said, Sam the older brother being the best man for Hal, me and Patricia decked out for the first of our kids to get hitched.  Below:  Hal and Patrica as the Mother/Son song played, Patricia picked that out.. Anissa dancing with Hal and "Lamb Chop"...our daughter had a great time...and finally my beer of choice for the weekend, the Yuengling Black and Tan, along with some regular Yuengling Lager.


FHB said...

Awesome! I know you're a proud papa. Congratulations to you and your wife for raisin' such good kids. And to your son on his wedding.

PRH....... said...

Thanks JW/FHB...a good time, with good kids, was had by all. The reception comes up the 19th, then they can concentrate on reality, and both appear well prepared for most of what can happen.

Deborah Wilson said...


Beautiful pictures - a beautiful wedding!