Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting for Phase 2 of the Midwest Snow/Ice Storm

By the time we finished up our Dartball games at St. John Lutheran last night, a nice crunchy collection of sleet and snow had arrived, and was making the streets of Celina somewhat slippery, but manageable...especially in the Jeep.  As for the Dartball itself, I had one of my worst nights in recent memory, especially at home....hitting just 3 for 12.  I did however have 3 RBIs with the three hits, as my average dropped to .350 with 17 RBIs on the season...still tops on the team in average and second in the runs batted in total.  League-wise, I'm in the top 10, but no first or second place trophy is going to happen this season...it's been well below average.  As a team, we moved to 8 wins and 7 loses in the season's 2nd half.  Playing the leading team in the north, Rockford Methodist, we lost the first game, getting shut off 3-0, but bounced back with two consecutive 6-4 wins to take the night, 2 game to 1.

Arriving home at 9:45 or so I settled in with a few Mount Carmel Stouts before hitting the sack well after Midnight....by that time the first round of snow and sleet had diminished and we are now waiting for Part #2 to come calling.  We are still on the snow/ice line, with most of the snow going north towards Toledo, Fort Wayne, and the southern Michigan area.  Ice south towards Dayton, while we wait and will see if it's Ice, Snow, or a mix...I have a feeling this storm is not going to be as bad as originally predicted...but I've been wrong before.

Schools in the area have already closed, and my games at Spencerville were cancelled by daybreak, no surprise there. Patricia, off of school, headed out to shovel the walks...I'll get on the snow blower eventually and do ours...then head over to Mom's and dig Mike out(with mom in Florida for the duration of the winter) with the snow machine at that house. With the CA services closed for the day, Anissa will get picked up and stay with us for a few hours...

The bottom line is...hopefully this is done by Thursday so I can pick up the rental SUV in the afternoon, and get things packed for the trip to the West Virginia mountains on Friday morning, with Hal and Lisa's wedding at the lodge on Saturday.

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Photos-The Back Yard...during last night's initial snow event and this morning, waiting for the next round....

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