Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guiness Foreign Extra winds down, is winter doing likewise

I was checking my officiating/umpiring calendar this morning, and noted that by the time I finish up basketball next week....even with the snow cancellations, I will have officiated on 50 days/nights(about 75 games, including double headers and Saturdays with 3 games on occasion)...What the Hell am I doing?  75 Basketball games, most with a 2 man crew...that's a lot of work, and a lot of stress, wear and tear, on the legs, knees, and back.  Oh well, it's winding down, and I'm looking forward to a few weeks off before baseball gets underway in middle to late March.  That schedule, while set, always depends on the early Spring conditions.

A new beer for the taste buds____ 

Driving home from Lima Central Catholic after last night's boys Junior High double, I stopped by a beer warehouse and picked up a brew I had noticed on a previous visit....

It was out of the Guinness line, a stout beer called, Guinness Foreign Extra comes in 4 packs of 11.2 oz bottles, and is, for a beer, pretty pricey...I gathered four of em' and drove home in time to grab a shower, and tune in to the Ohio State vs Michigan State basketball game.  Done in the shower, with robe on, I settled down in my leather recliner and poured me a bottle into a frozen glass, and proceeded to enjoy a couple of the "new" finds.  A dark coffee/choclate mix with a pretty good "kick" from the 7.5% alcohol...another great beer that I'll try again, although the price($10 for a four pack) will not put it on my list of "must have in the fridge" brews....but on occasion, I'll give it a try...Mark it down as an A- on the has more flavor that the regular Guinness Extra Stout...the Foreign ES, has more kick as well.

Meanwhile, Ohio State pulled away late to shake off a stubborn Spartan team to get back on the winning track, after the weekend loss at Wisconsin.  The Buckeyes are now 25-1 on the season, and 11-1 in the Big Ten.  Oldest son Sam was working the game for The Big Ten Network/OSU.Com...pretty nice gig, getting paid to "work" big time basketball.

The Ice Melt Continues____

With temperatures slated into the fifties today and 60 or better tomorrow, you would think the hard ice would be gone in short order...but I'm beginning to have my doubts.  The layer of ice is so thick and hard, that I am now doubtful it will be all gone by the weekend....I'll keep the camera in hand to keep track of the progress.  I have no games tonight, a 7th grade tournament tomorrow here in Celina, and a JV game at Wapak Friday will finish off the week, with just one more contest scheduled on Friday the 25th at Allen East to end my season.  A good 3 week rest, clean up the baseball gear, and I'll hopefully be ready for baseball.  Tonight my first local hardball rules meeting at Van Wert, having already completed the State Meeting on line.

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Photos-A Glass of the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout that I poured last night...Damn Good Beer!  And the ice on the driveway(yard and walks too), will the coming thaw melt it all?


Cookie..... said...

Just for your own edification mate. I don't know if you like real German Knockwurst and Kraut or not, BUT, if you do, after rinsing the kraut to eliminate some of the sourness (not all), cook the Knockwurst, kraut in Guiness Extra Stout in a slow cooker for about 6 hours. You can toss in some caraway seeds and brown sugar as well. Mmmmm Mmm! The Guiness really give it all a great taste.

PRH....... said...

Sounds like a plan Cookie....sounds like a "farting" good meal!! :)

Cookie..... said...

Ayup! It'll do that also mate. Trouble is, if'n yur wife is anything like mine, she'll store up on "ammunition" just like you for the overnight "fart-fest".

It does however keep the damn cats out of the bedroom fer a spell!