Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baseball, Day #1 out of the way....

Cloudy and continued cool today...the rest of the week looks to be the same...40 something for highs with a rain or snow shower in the region.  Warm Spring days are going to be slow getting here I fear....

Yesterday I traveled 40 miles or so north to Paulding to work my first regular season game of the year....albeit a JV game, it was still good to get the rust off.  After working scrimmages behind the plate, I did the bases yesterday, and will again tonight in a Varsity contest between Van Wert and St. Marys...two WBL teams, playing in a non league contest.  They will meet again in April, and today's partner Terry and I will have that game as well...I'll take the plate for that one.

Depending on rain, cold, or snow, I have 7 games, 4 Varsity, the JV game from yesterday, and a JV double header here in Celina on Saturday....after that, my schedule calls for 36 Varsity and just one more JV contest, before kicking off the Tournament Season on May 7th....I'm just hoping to get most in, and with some sunny warm days to work with.  Spring weather drives me crazy....you know it's eventually going to warm up, but how quick and how consistent it will be, is always a mystery.

That's about it for this post....I would talk about the Kenyan and his speech about what the Hell we are doing in Libya that he gave in prime time last night...but, damn!  I forgot to watch.....too busy watching women's basketball tournament action.  I'd rather have root canal than listen to the sorry Commander and Thief spew BS and lies...so I won't comment.

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