Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gas Prices UP, Oil Prices Down(?)...Flood Waters DOWN, about to go UP,Stock Market stays UP(aka the fake economic upswing)

One thing for sure, the news on the Internet is all over the place.....

My wife called on her way to work this morning..."Gas up to $3.50 per gallon"..."No surprise" I say.  The Wall Street speculators, along with Barry Boy Obama are in cohorts to drive the price of oil up....and drive down the economy of this republic.  It's been his and the Puppet Master, George Soros's plan from day one of this failure of a human being/President.  If you fail to see this, and want to continue to blame the evil oil companies or are a gawd damn fool!  Yes, big oil is out to make massive profits, but if they run the country's economy into the ground, how's that going to work out for them?  Just asking!

On one hand we keep hearing about the great economic recovery...{anybody want to bet?} On the other we keep hearing about gas prices going through the roof{Obama's plan since his beginning}, while unemployment is "down" to 9%{once again, wanna bet?}....and then there is the Stock Market:^DJI

Let me say a couple of things...(1) I'm hardly a financial genius...if I was I'd be in one Hell of a lot better financial shape than I am.  (2) It doesn't take a genius to know that the Obama Administration and it's co~whores on Wall Street are keeping the Market sure the Hell isn't the so called "Improving Economic Outlook", because it isn't(Improving).

This economic mess is just going to get worse before/ if, it ever gets better.  The dollar in time will be as worthless as teats on a boar hog....

More flooding rains on the way?

As the economic outlooks falls and/or rises, depending on who you choose to listen to....the waters in west central Ohio are receding for now....sad to say, that probably will only last through tonight.  The latest forecast is calling for 3 or more inches of rain between late tonight and early Saturday night.  If this happens, we will be in for another round of flooding.  The St. Marys River, still in a flood stage will present problems from Mercer, Ohio, to Fort Wayne, Indiana, with Decatur on the Hoosier side, and Rockford and Willshire on the Buckeye side in for the worst of it.  Meanwhile, if we get those predicted flooding rains, the Grand Lake Spillway will push the Beaver Creek and Wabash River out of their banks as they reach west from Celina to the Indiana state line, some 12 miles west of here.

The next 48 hours will be critical....I am scheduled to get Sam's car back to him in Columbus on Saturday, then attend a wedding reception in St. Marys that night....hopefully I won't need a boat to do both.

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