Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dartball Final...

Was cloudy when I got up this morning.   They had been calling for mostly sunny skies and 52 for a high....but the radar is showing southern Indiana towards the Cincinnati covered by rain.  The sun has managed to peek out, from behind the dark layer, however, if the forecast is close, tonight and tomorrow will bring another inch or so of unwelcome rain.

Tonight, Garry and I will head south and east towards Indian Lake High School for a baseball rules meeting....The Top of the Hill is one of two associations that I belong to.  I try to get down that way at least on a couple occasions....just for a different perspective on how things go in the Southwest District as compared to our Northwest District.  I usually do a few games down in the SW each season, but this year, I pretty much filled my schedule before I knew what was going on, so it doesn't appear that I have anything to umpire down that way this year.....However, I did tell Eric, the assigner for that region, that I would hold some dates open for 2012.

Dartball Finals___

I headed to Hopewell Lutheran last night for the All Star Game...making the South team for the 14th time in my 17 years of play, it has become routine most years.  We lost the first game to the North 6-4, came back strong in the second of three, winning 8-2, then our hitting went "south" in the final contest, and we got shut out 10-0.  I cannot remember ever seeing a shutout in All Star play...but we managed it.  I went 4 for 9 on the night, batting 5th in the 12 player line up.  So the season is ended, except for the Banquet back at Hopewell next Monday evening.   There we will have dinner, some entertainment, and the awards, trophies and All Star T~Shirts will be passed out....the darts will be stored for 7 months, and come October, we will dust off the boards and darts, and begin season #76 for the Wabash Valley Dartball League.  The final results ended up like this:

South Champions-First Half~Mount Carmel
                               Second Half~Hopewell            Mt Carmel wins playoff
North Champions-First Half~Rockford Methodist
                               Second Half~Schumm Lutheran      Schumm wins playoff

Mount Carmel defeats Schumm 2 games to 1 in League Championship series
Post Season Tournament
Hopewell defeats Celina SJ Lutheran 2 games to 1

North defeats South 2 games to 1 in All Star Contest....

Four different teams win trophies, so all-in-all the season was pretty successful, and the wealth was spread around.

Tomorrow I get the eyes checked out...just in time for Baseball season.  On Saturday I will done the basketball officiating wear one more time.  Working a full morning of games at Parkway HS in Rockford, for the 5th and 6th grade boys tournament, then those get stored away until November.  Sometime this week I will get a hair cut, and that is how this week will progress....hopefully with no surprises.

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