Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Personal Photography 101

As predicted on yesterday's post, my scrimmage game was rained out at Delphos.  I really didn't mind that, because it was wet, windy, and raw.  Today looks to be wet, but warmer, near 60...and that might be the last of the warm part, for quite a few days.  The early spring forecast for baseball or anything else outdoors does not look good at all.  But we will play the cards as Mother Nature deals them, and steal the good days and games we get in as we can.

Tomorrow I am scheduled again at Delphos, and then Saturday morning at Convoy...the temperatures for both days scheduled in the upper 30s, as they are for the opening day of the High School season next Monday, the 28th, at Paulding.  That forecast chills me to the bone...but I've umpired in the snow and cold many a day over the years....and will again, it appears, this season.


Yesterday I talked about gaffes when writing on this blog....and those that slipped my "edits".  My photography is much like my writing.  I am not a photographer, except in the most amateur sense of the word.  I enjoy it, and I thank whomever came up with the digital camera idea.  I cannot count the number of bad photos that I wasted film and money in getting developed.  The digital camera thingy gave me freedom to take as many photos, good and bad, as I could manage...and boy did I click the shutter on some stinkers.  Regardless though, I have come up with some good photos, at least in my opinion, at various times and locations.

IMO, my best work is in the outdoor field, I'm just not as good at action or face shots of people....except on rare occasions.  My favorite photography is of night photos.  I especially remember one that was hanging on a wall that housed the AAA building in Van Wert, my birth town.  It was a real photo night time shot of Main Street in Van Wert, back in 1937 on a summer evening.  The AAA building had housed the old movie theater, and the photo looked west down Main(US 30 at the time, The Lincoln Highway) towards the court house and Washington Street(US 127).  The movie, of which the name escapes me, was an old Bob Hope flick from that year.  Great, great, photo, wish I had a copy.  The one on the wall was a blown up huge shot that measured about 36 x 24 inches.

Yesterday I messed around with a night lightning photograph I had snapped with my old Nikon 35mm on a stormy summer evening back in July of 1997.  I sat out on the porch and snapped probably 3 dozen photos with high speed film and open shutter...this was the best one I got.  It silhouetted the old Mersman Factory, which was abandoned at the time. Now, as documented on this blog over the demolition period from 2008 through 2009, it has been demolished and replaced by bare ground on the south side, and a new Senior Citizen complex on the north end.   

Anyway I went to my Lennox photo studio and did some work with this photo....I ended up using the sepia image as my computer wall paper.  I usually try to change those with the season, so out with the frozen sepia image of the St Marys River, and in with the 1997 lightning shot.

Contained on today's post are various looks at the night shot, as I worked on it yesterday.  All enhanced with my photo suite, but none "photo shopped".

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BRUNO said...

Some folks pay good-money for "action"-shots like those, y' know!

Mushy said...

Good stuff Pat...I'll have to try some like those, but I'd rather not ever have the opportunity. I hate storms!

PRH....... said...

Don't mind sitting on the front porch, with a cigar and beer, using the cable wire to snap a few shots, as long as the Lightning is not on top of me.

Gene Bach said...

Nice. You need a helmet cam so you can film while you're behind the plate.