Monday, March 21, 2011

Basketball Brackets and the Eastern World Exploding

Thunderstorms rolled through West Ohio last night, dumping probably a half inch or so of rain...something we didn't need, but it is after all, that time of year.  More rain is predicted over the next two weeks, along with varying degrees of warm seasonable and cold temperatures.  That's the end of winter and the beginning of Spring for you...Spring officially got underway yesterday, today, March 21st is the first full day of the new season.

Our esteemed Kenyan and Thief, one Barack Barry Soetoro Obama, is off to Rio, and while he was away he decided to attack Omer Qaddafi(the son of a bitches name is spelled 14 different ways in the media, so who cares how I spell it?) and Libya.  Of course he says the US is not at the forefront, putting the blame on the French(frogs leading military action? Sure) and the Brits.  And while Obammy was saying that, there were 114 tomahawk missiles dumped into Libya...112 came from the US.  So who is leading the charge?

US Military leaders(talk about oxymoron) say killing or removing Qaddafi is not the reason for the mission.  We had an old saying in the Air Force .."Mission? Mission?, F**k the Mission"...there is no mission, except to save Obammy's sorry ass in front of the American people and the world.  Obama is trying to keep his left wing base in line, while keeping corporate America happy, and driving more of the middle class to bankruptcy, so they will become wards of the state.  That is the liberal mindset...the more people on the public dole, the more Democrat voters there will be.  God help our kids and grand kids....these sons a bitches are leading them down the path to serfdom, and they don't even realize it.  It may be too late to change the course...but let's hope the remaining patriots have enough power to stop these evil bastards in their tracks.  I'm in for the fun!

As the Lybia mess was driving the Japan nuclear crisis off the front pages, and off the 24/7 news cycle, the NCAA Basketball Tournament was paring it's numbers from 68 to 64, and finally over the weekend, down to the Sweet 16.  The "Right Side" of my brackets were "blown up"...but I still am in the top 9% of ESPN's Tournament Challenge: 

With Ohio State and Duke left...I could finish in the top 10%....but I've got some empty spots.

Meanwhile on the court...The Big East Conference proved once again, it was overrated.  11 teams in, by far the most of any league(Big Ten had just 7 with the ACC only 4)...they have the most "out" already...just 2 of the 11 remain.   Meanwhile Duke slipped by Michigan 73-71 and Ohio State, with Kentucky up next, smashed George Mason 98-62.  Leading by 52-26 at the half, the Buckeyes cruised to an easy win...they must be considered the favorite now...but that hasn't meant much so far.  The ACC with only 4 teams to start, has the most, three, left...Duke, UNC, and Florida State.  The Big Ten and Big "Least" each have 2.

Baseball Umpire Class_____
On Saturday I joined a dozen other veteran umpires at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio, as an instructor for a group of 30 other umps....some first year guys, some older ones, just trying to improve their game.  I should say instructor only in the sense I got a T-Shirt saying so, and video taped the guys working with the Parkway Panther High School team.   I did give the younger guys my views on their work, so I guess I instructed some...whether they choose to accept my advice, or the others, is strictly up to them.   I know when I was just getting back into umpire work a dozen years ago, I took each piece of information I got, and decided for myself if it would work for me.  I even learned a few things Saturday, that I will try, as the season begins in full next week.

In the meantime, we will struggle to get scrimmages in.  I have four scheduled for this week, starting today at Wapakoneta, but after last nights rain, I'm not sure if we will get that in.   The forecast doesn't look any better for Tuesday and Thursday at Delphos, with cold and flurries for Saturday's contest at Convoy Crestview.

Super Full Moon___

Did anybody else stay awake for the "Super Full Moon" on Saturday night?  I walked out on the back steps at Midnight...and snapped a couple of shots through the haze.  I've seen some real good shots, including from my Vietnam Sky Cop Buddy Mushy:

Mine?  Hey, I don't put film in my 35MM anymore...back then I got some good shots, but nowdays with the point and shoot digital...night photography is limited to standing still shots...the moon, when full like this, is just too bright to get clear shots, unless you have the proper camera, lens, and shutter speed...this is as good as it got for me.  Hazy and Halloween like....

Out to enjoy the day....

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Cookie..... said...

:-) mate, I've experienced the same photography problems with my digital camera. Taking "manual" photo's is a real challenge for night shots, especially setting exposure times.

Tried like hell to get a decent shot of that moon rising over Oneida Lake, and the atmospheric conditions were almost perfect, clear sky, calm, not too cold, but alas, no tripod and extreme difficulty seeing/changing the manual settings.

Back in the day, I'd take out my Minolta 35mm (state of the art) camera set in the manual mode and after one or two metered test shots would almost always have a perfect shot.

My eyes aren't what they once were and working at night with a set of bifocals on...well, you can guess the results, **sigh**.

Debie Elliot said...

I am so glad you got pix Pat. Your friends were great, but so were yours. I have had some funny experiences taking pictures for the paper. I covered a donkey basketball game once and all I got were the back ends of the donkeys. It was funny. People wanted pix of their kids on the donkeys and all I shot was their tails.

PRH....... said...

Digital "aim and shoot" cameras are great, but it still takes a bunch of lens, time, shutter speed, and money spent, to do great night and action photos. Afraid I'm getting too old to have the patience for that. But still enjoy trying...but spoiled by the digital age!