Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Rain(some snow) and Trimming the Cat...

For the third straight evening thunderstorms and heavy rains pounded the Celina and western Ohio region.   The days have been mostly cloudy and dry, but when night arrives, the storms move across the flatland through Indiana into our region of The Buckeye State.  I'm guessing three, maybe four inches of rain, over the 3 nights.  Last night it stuck around until the outside temperatures dropped enough to change it over to a bit of snow...just a dusting, but snow none-the-less. The warmer conditions we have had for most of the past couple of weeks are gone with the strong winds of last evening....the temperatures dropped into the 20s, and for the next week or so, it looks like highs in the 30s and 40s will be the norm, rather than the 50s and 60s we have had most of the past 10 days or so.

Once again scheduled for a scrimmage in Delphos tonight, however, that has little chance of getting in...if it does, it will be cold, the grounds wet, and the conditions miserable....I'm guessing it will be canceled, and frankly, in this weather, that is fine with me.

Basketball is going to be in the forefront this weekend, starting today.  Here in Ohio, the Boys State Basketball Tournament will be held at Ohio State in Columbus.  Four Divisions, 16 teams, over the next 3 days.  No local teams made the show, the closest will be Houston form Shelby County, and Continental from Putnam County in Division IV.  I had Continental early in the year....they are a senior laden team, with plenty of experience...and should make a good showing.  Sam will be working the video scoreboard and baseline camera for most of the games...I think he told me he had all 8 Semi Finals, and 2 of the Finals....and will work the Ohio State Softball double header on Saturday as well.   Majoring in Actuarial Science, he sure seems to be enjoying working his time for OSU.COM and the Big Ten Network.  Good experience and good pay, plus he will umpire his share of high school contests this spring as well.   Meanwhile his GPA continues to be "above average"...I think he is somewhere between 3.3 and 3.4 in the Math and Calculus laden major.  Down somewhat, but when working as much as he is....pretty hard to stay at 3.7 or above.

While the Ohio HS Tournament is going on, the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Men and Women Tournament's will continue.  Both the Ohio State and Duke, men and womens teams are still alive.   On the men's side, which frankly is all I am interested in, being the chauvinistic pig I am, Duke plays late tonight against Arizona, while OSU takes on the Kentucky Wildcats tomorrow evening in New Jersey.  So even with lousy weather, I can vegetate on the leather recliner and watch hoops.

Getting the Cat Trimmed_____

I'm not a cat person, I'm a dog person....however, over the years Patricia and I have had several felines, albeit mostly the outdoor variety.  We had dozens come and go while living on the farm on Coldwater Creek....but house cats, except for one some 35 years ago were not on my list of things to accept.  That change a few years back, about 11 to be exact.

We were visiting my father-in-law, who had a gaggle of feral cats hanging around his lake country home in southeast Wisconsin.  Most of those wild things would scatter as soon as the saw anybody but Bill himself.  On one trip over Thanksgiving, Anissa managed to capture one of the young ones who was looking half frozen.  She dragged the furry beast inside and took care of it for the next few days.  By the time we were ready to head back to Ohio, the cat, which they had named Precious, was in a carry box and on her way back with us.  The intention was to give her to one of Patricia's friends who lived in the country...that was over a decade ago, and "The Cat"(you know I'm not calling any animal "Precious") is still with us.

Basically a harmless cat, who has been outside maybe 5 times since she has lived with us, except for the fact she is long haired, and that hair is a mess at times.  So on occasion, she goes to the Pet Center and gets a trim...this morning, is one of those appointment days.  The cat has survived being locked out, survived Airedale attacks when Jack and Duke were alive, and has manage to co-exist with Reagan someone.  Given the fact that Airedales are natural cat killers, it took a few weeks to get Reagan to leave her alone, most days they just ignore each other, although if one of the neighbor's cats walks by, the again Airedale still tries to go through the window to get to it.  Go figure.....

So that's my day...unless the scrimmage game gets played, I'm taking the cat to get trimmed...and figure out what else to do when I get back...which will be later>>>>

Photos-"The Cat" before the trim....not knowing what's in store for her...a bit of snow this morning on the porch, and Basketball's "March Madness" continues..."The Cat" after the trim....Lion like and not real happy!


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United Citizens Council said...

Nice kitty.

Trimming the cat sounds like a good way of getting scratched. Giving one a bath almost guarantees it.