Monday, March 14, 2011

Basketball Weekend....Earthquakes and Donut eating Union Bosses...

First off let me say...The photos, video and stories coming out of Japan are something to behold...horrific to say the least...I pray for the best for those poor souls.

Meanwhile life moves on in somewhat normal terms for the rest of the has's the way of natural selection.  We were lucky, except the damn fool in California who decided to film the waves coming ashore, this time...the next big one, maybe we won't be.  When you choose to live near a large fault, Hello California, sometimes **it happens.  The tragedy in Japan will also have the effect to set the US Nuclear Program back 50 years...the Environmental Nuts will be out in full force to stop further and future Nuclear Power options, and really it will be a lame excuse to keep us under the thumb of the marauding murdering bastards in the Middle East and their oil.


While that was happening and the world stood and watched, I basically spent the weekend with basketball...either officiating or watching the college game.

First off to follow up on Friday's post:  The Van Wert Cougars finally got a measure of payback for 3 straight overtime loses to their WBL Rival, Celina's Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs defeated Van Wert for the 3rd straight time, all in overtime, on their way to the league championship this season....for awhile Saturday night in the D2 District Title game at Ohio Northern University, it looked like OT #4 was at hand.  But a foul, and a couple of Cory Clifton free throws with 8.3 seconds left, gave Van Wert a District title and ended Celina's season at 19 wins and 4 loses.  The Cougars move on to the Regional at Bowling Green, with a good shot at a State Tournament birth for the first time since 1992.  Celina gets ready for baseball and track.

On Saturday, I got up early, grabbed a coffee and a quick breakfast, and headed to Rockford and Parkway High School.  22 games, in the 5th and 6th grade boys level, were on the agenda.  I worked 5 games on the main floor...beginning at 8:30 I wrapped up by 12:30 in the afternoon.  That was the final basketball for me until next November, time to pack up the roundball tools and clothes, and get ready for baseball next week.  The one thing that did strike me at this level, which I don't usually do(but what the heck?  The money was good, and I needed the exercise)...was the fans.  Not all, but on a couple of teams, usually the bad ones, the fans, made up of out of shape fathers and grandparents who should be home knitting or sleeping, are idiots.

Hint:  When your kid's team gets beat 47-16 and the winning team plays it's subs most of the second half, it's not the officials fault that the team sucks.

I arrive home just after 1pm, grabbed a few Stout Beers and proceeded to park my butt on the leather recliner....I was going to watch the finals and semi~finals of the NCAA League Tournaments and have beer throughout the day and early evening.  Sunday was going to be the same....and I did.

My teams, the Duke Blue Devils, and the OSU Buckeyes both won their respective tournaments...Duke knocking off hated rival North Carolina, and the Bucks defeating upstart Penn State.  Both won by double figures, but both defeated teams also got slots in the coming NCAA Tournament....time to fill out your brackets, the tournament kicks off tomorrow, just 60 miles south of here in Dayton, at the UD Arena.

Now I can relax and watch the tournament for a few weeks....while, if it dries out, I also begin the baseball season, with some 50 games in a fast moving 7 week period.  Of course rain and wet grounds will probably drop the total numbers, before the post season kicks off on May 7th.

Kicking the Public Union's asses_____

Way to go Governor Scott Walker and Wisconsin!  

Walker and Company have put a smack down on the Union Thugs that make up the leadership of the Public Unions in Wisconsin...and the left wing media cannot stand it.  Will there be a recall?  Maybe, but have fun getting your power back isn't going to happen.  At least not anytime soon.

So a little info for AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka, and shit stirring racists like Jesse Jackass..."Choke On Those Donuts You Have Been Stuffing in Your Pieholes"...America, American Workers, and especially taxpaying patriots, would be better off if you indeed choked on those free meals you have been sucking down over the years!

Tonight, Patricia and I will take in the Wabash Valley Dartball Banquet that ends the season...dinner, entertainment, awards, etc, will end the season, and like Basketball, it will be around November before I pick up the darts again.

That's a short look at the weekend past and week ahead...

back later>>>> 

Photos-top left.....yep, it was a basketball weekend for PRH....Van Wert and Duke were among the high school and college winners...and finally Obama and his gay donut, chomping, union thug boss, Richard "I'll three with extra jelly" Trumka....2 more useless bastards in the same photo would be hard to find.

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Sam said...

OY AS ALWAYS YOU HAVE A GREAT WAY OF PUTTING THINGS , TRUE AND TO THE POINT . GOOD LUCK TO DUKE AND UNC . ITS ACC TIME FOR ME ' Hokies play a Cupcake called Bethune-Cookman then the winner of Wichita State-Nebraska so Im looking for 3 more games at Cassell. I got the crew together this morning and Gave them a Pep talk in front of the big boss . I know they are tired but I being twice their age am tired too his is nothing new just the 4th yr. in a row with VT being rated number one in their bracket which means as long as they win the first 3 games they will be a t home . THE LAST THREE YRS. THEY HAVE LOST THE THIRD GAME AT HOME JUST BEFORE GOING TO THE FINAL 4 In NY. DAYTON