Friday, March 11, 2011

Disater in Japan/Saudi "Day of Rage"/Super Full Moon Coming March 19th

Patricia woke me up about 7 to let me know what was going on in Japan and the Pacific Rim.  It seems a monster Earthquake of 8.9 and following Tidal Wave(why the Hell they now call it a Tsunami is beyond me?  In the west it's a freaking 'TIDAL WAVE")..early reports have 60 dead, but it sadly appears that this death toll will rage into the thousands:


The wall of water had reached the Hawaiian Islands around 8am this morning...but reports are that that wall has been greatly reduced, hopefully damage and personal injuries will be at a minimum.  Stay Tuned!
Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia_____

Meanwhile a world away...the crazy Islamics continue to burn their world....

Libya strongman Qaddafi (I seen this sorry bastards name spelled a dozen different ways, so this is good enough) has unleashed his military on the Rebels...while our weak knee Kenya born President, sits on his ass and along with Queen Moo-Shell talks about "Bullying":  Meanwhile today in Oil rich Saudi Arabia, the people are gotta wonder how crazy things are going to get, while our own version of Nero, Barry Soetoro, fiddles:

Barry, stick to what you do best...which is "Bullying"  America and it's citizens in the eyes of the sorry puke.  Yes Bullying sucks..., but let the experts and parents take care of with everything else, you are out of your league.

Super Full Moon Coming?

Perhaps if the disaster in Japan had waited for 8 days...the dire predictions of disasters coming on March 19th would really set the world on it's ear:  Next Saturday the Super Moon, a full one to be exact, will be on display:

It's a crazy's events are just making it more extreme....
Tomorrow morning, if the world doesn't end{insert sarcasm}, I will head north to Rockford, where I am scheduled to officiate my final basketball of the season...5 morning games in a 5th and 6th grade boys tournament.  I will then pack away that gear, hang up the clothes, and get ready for baseball, which scrimmage wise is slated to begin next week.

Have a safe weekend and enjoy....

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Photos-Super Full Moons. Saudi and Middle East Crazies, and Japan under attack from Mother Nature.


Deborah Wilson said...

I don't think that the Tsunami needed to wait another 8 days - the super moon is already almost here and having an effect. The moon controls the tide and the tide controls the weather - I believe that it also has an effect on humans, the human body is about 70 - 80% water, I've noticed that on full moons some people's behavior is affected. A few even act like werewolves.

Harry J said...

In response to Deborah Wilson's comment it is true about human behavior changing, I am not speaking as an expert in human behavior but as a police officer having 35 years on the streets of Philadelphia. As a police officer we had a saying "Must be a full Moon", which was a night of heavy criminal activity, and trust me it was accurate.

PRH....... said...

The Gravitational Pull from the moon and it's effects on the earth and human mind...gotta believe that there is something to it.

Cookie..... said...

"Harry J", I was a Detective Sergeant on the Syracuse, NY PD for 21 years and we use to say the same thing, along with the hospital staff's, Jailers, etc.

They say studies have shown there is no effect but I seriously question that!!

Deborah Wilson said...

Most of the reports that I've read even state that the human brain of and by itself is 80% water. So I believe that people are affected by full moons, even if only in a small way - and police officers and medical workers surely notice this more than the rest of us.

Here is a good web site that explains the water in the human body:

Official reports by government and physcians confirm water content of body [and brain].