Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Rain, Yo-Yo Temps, A Baseball Scrimmage in anyway...writing gaffes

Headed the 20 or so miles east to Wapakoneta (hometown of first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong) about 3:40 yesterday afternoon.  On the agenda was a varsity scrimmage between the hometown Redskins and visiting Marion Local from here in Mercer County.  Youngest son Hal coached summer ACME(High School) baseball for a handful of years after he graduated from high school back in 2002, while he was attending Wright State's branch campus in Celina.  I knew a few of the older players, and the assistant coach and I go back some 30 years.  Back the the day I was broadcasting sports play-by-play, and he was assistant basketball coach at Marion Local.

I once again donned the plate gear, and waited for my partner, a local from Wapak was my partner, and he did the bases.  This was the Redskins 3rd scrimmage, while the Flyers were getting their first in.  With temperatures in the mid 60s and a mix of sun and clouds, I actually worked up a small sweat behind the plate while in full gear.....2 1/2 hours later I headed for home.  Two scrimmages in 2 tries, not bad for March.  Will I make it three of three tonight at Delphos?  In a word "NO".  Once again overnight, we got hammered big time by thunder, lightning, and storms...I suspect a full inch of rain fell, and by the looks of the Radar, Delphos, 30 miles to the north and east, wasn't spared either...so I'm guessing tonight's contest will be a wash.  I am scheduled to be back in at the same location Thursday, and that day looks like snow is a possibility.

The temperatures and moister conditions will flux over the next week to 10 days, so not sure how many scrimmages, if any more, we will get in before the opener at Paulding on the 28th.  Today in the 40s, tomorrow in the 60s, and then only upper 30s for Thursday...such is early Spring, at least in this part of the country.


I've never considered myself a "writer" per say, but I do enjoy "writing", at least putting my thoughts down on paper, or in this case in cyberspace.  On occasion I check back on past posts, either because somebody visited them from a certain town or location, or because some fool has left spam, or another fool has left some hated comment about me or my thoughts on politics.  Liberals are such gawd damn fools.  Usually writing little hit pieces, of course they seldom or never leave a real name, preferring to be listed as anonymous.  Thus proving left wingers, just like their hero Obama, are basically gutless bastards.  Anyway back to the point which I got off track on....

Someone had visited a post from back in January of this year about my days at Amarillo Air Force Base....they didn't leave a comment, however when I started to read the blog post, I was appalled by the grammatical errors that I had typed out.  So I went back and corrected those that I found.  I then got to thinking...How the Hell did I write that bad on January 19th?  I also wondered, how many more blatant mistakes have I made over the past 3 years 8 months I have been writing this thing?

As I said, I don't claim to be a writer, but I would like to think, in these days of spell check, and my own proof reading, I could do better than I did that day.  Was I tired, hungover, was it a night written post after a few dark stouts?  Not sure, I know this blog has evolved since I began it in July 2007, but I shutter to think about going back over 900 postings and finding the mistakes...so, I won't.  However, when checking certain posts from the past, I will make an effort to correct my mistakes, so as not to look like a total fool....although I'm sure "progressive" types would still find me that.  But you already know how much(or little) I care about, or value, their opinions.

back later>>>>

Photos-A night lightning shot taken off my front porch years ago, looking out at the old Mersman Factory, which has been torn down, as followed on this blog over the years...this is a Sepia version of the photo....I've worked out various color schemes.  Two Scrimmages, 2 games behind the plate, and although "spell check" takes the pain out of misspellings like "SOTP"...it doesn't catch all my grammatical mistakes.

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Debie Elliot said...

Wow. I love that lightning pic. Have you ever submitted any of your photos in any contests? I love pics of weather and it takes a good photographer to nail those good shots. You are a great writer and typos happen to all of us. Thanx