Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Vest's Folly, aka Jim Tressel takes a fall....more rain, rain, rain....

Garry and I traveled back from Indian Lake High School last night after a local rules meeting at our Southwest District association, "Top of Ohio"....a few sprinkles of rain hit the windshield on the 45 mile trek home...and that was just the beginning of what was to come.  The heavy rain began overnight and continued right up until the time I began to type today's edition of "A Day in the Life" is now in the process of winding down.  It appears we will get a flurry or two through tomorrow as the temps dip a bit...but nothing in the cards say it will amount to any accumulations.
Ohio State Football takes a hit_____

As regular readers of this blog know, I am an Ohio State football fan, and a Duke Basketball fan(although I also root for the Buckeyes, as long at they don't play each other).  What I am not a fan of is this current edition of Ohio State and the slave like devotion their head coach, Jim Tressel, aka "The Vest" has had to his punk quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.  Pryor came on the scene as the self promoting "Messiah" of College Football a few years ago, the media ate it up.  Buckeye fans, and apparently Tressel, fell under his spell, and were more than happy when, after a bump in the engine back in 2008, Tressel threw Senior QB Todd Boeckman, under the bus for Pryor, whom it appears he made a promise to 'start immediately' upon his arrival at Columbus.  The season was pretty much in shambles, and the reputation of The Vest in many eyes(including mine) was forever ruined.  Sure they won the Big Ten, beat Michigan, and made(lost) in the Fiesta Bowl...but the stench of that season has lingered to some.

Yesterday, following months of speculation, and charges against Pryor and others on the team, it all came crashing down on the seemly clean cut Ohio State coach.  Last night,  Tressel, OSU Athletic Director, Gene Smith, and the bow tie wearing university President Gorden Gee, called a hastened press conference, to lay out the fact that The Vest had been caught in a lie...a big time lie.  Despite previous denials, Tressel admitted that he had indeed been notified that Pryor and Company had been hanging around a reputed drug dealer and tattoo parlor owner, and selling autographs and memorabilia to same.  Problem for Ohio State and Tressel was, he had in December stated he had just became aware of the problems...the uncovered e-mails proved otherwise.  The Vest had known about the problems since April of 2010.

So Ohio State, in an apparent effort to defuse the situation, before the NCAA investigation finds more "dirt" on the OSU football program, and Jim Tressel, fine their coach $250K and suspended him for the first two games of next season....I'm thinking the NCAA is going to find that is not quite enough.  So despite his 9-1 record against hated Michigan,  3 appearances in the National Title Game(with 1 win), and a 5-3 BCS Bowl Record, it appears that the bloom is off this rose.  In my opinion, the whole mess goes back to selling his soul and his 2008 Senior Class out for a piece of garbage named Terrelle Pryor, who if nothing else, has been as big a bust as I thought he would be.  For once I can smile saying..."I told you so".  I remain an Ohio State Football fan, but not of it's coach, or that sorry excuse of a human being he calls his quarterback.  The other foot may soon drop on The Vest, but with the NCAA, who knows, he may get off with this slap on the wrist?
Meeting up with "Wulfie" and Kent at McSobers in Coldwater tonight....but nothing else is planned in the next couple of days.

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Photos-Jim "The Vest" Tressel, the embattled coach(and deservedly so) of The Ohio State University Football...The logo of the Top of Ohio Baseball Umpires Association, my other association, Tressel's prodigal son Terrelle "I'm the Messiah" Pryor, where the Vest's problem's really begin...and the area Radar as it looked at 1:30 this afternoon...the rain begins to move out.


Debie Elliot said...

You don't like Terrell Pryor because of this St. Henry dude. Heck Todd beat out other qb's to get the job in first place.This says it all. He is a local dude.
Todd Boeckman (born June 8, 1984 in St. Henry, Ohio) is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent in the National Football League. He was signed by the Jaguars as an undrafted free agent on June 17, 2009. He played college football at Ohio State can you support a team if you don't cheer on their players?

PRH....... said...

Crooks are crooks...Pryor is a punk, plain and simple. Tressel is a fool for lying to protect Pryor and the rest of the trash that got caught.

He just paid $250,000 and lost 2 games, the NCAA will probably make it worse. I don't need to support thugs and criminals, that's what these guys are, and Tressel in an enabler.

Debie said...

Hehehe. I am not like you. IDC if they are crooks or not, our POTUS is a thug and a thief too. As long as they win, let them break the law.

Shrinky said...

Oh boy, I know nada about this sport, and even less about the character's involved..

Love the new makeover of your blog, Pat - your boys look to be a credit to you, what a handsome pair.