Friday, August 12, 2011

Boat Ride, Beer Tasting,Football l"Kicks Off" and Moving Sam

Yesterday I awoke at 7:15 to the sound of a Text Message, I opened the celll phone and Nick was asking if I was "Awake"....I shot back, "I am now".    Anyway it seems he had taken the day off of work and wanted to run across the Indiana border and stop at the Amish Store of Troyer's.  The small grocery and goods store is located some 20 miles from Celina on Highway 27 just across the state line, between Berne and Decatur.  What the Hell I figured?  I had not been there since last summer, and needed to get out of the house.  Patricia and I had mom's lawn to mow on the agenda, and once done there Nick and I would head west, taking the back roads.  Perfect day for a road trip....and a later boat run.

After arriving at Troyer's I picked out some cheeses for me and Patricia, and mom and Mike...we also made a stop at the Swiss Village for some lunch cheese and hot sausage links...meanwhile Nick had picked up a few large tubes(10 pounds each) of several types of cheese...he being always the one to overdo it.  Once done, we took a different back road trip and ended back in Celina by 2pm.   Since Windy Corners on the south side of Grand Lake has a beer tasting event on Thursdays at 6pm, we agreed to do that later in the day.

Boat Ride to taste Beer_____

I headed for Nick's place on the south side of the lake about 5....after smoking a cigar, we drove to Bayview and jumped in his 22 foot pontoon, and make the trip to Windy Corners a bit longer by working our way back towards the channel at Windy Point, docking and walking the final 200 yards to the bar.   There we spend an hour tasting some varying lagers from China, Mexico, Sam Adams, the Czech Republic and other places....3 oz each for $5, and you fill out your taste sheet.   I gave a thumbs up on 2 of the five I tried, then settled down with a Miller Lite before we headed back to the boat.....hopefully as the weather cools, they will get into some darker brews.  But it's always a good time, either way.

Forgetting my camera, I did manage to take some photos with the cell phone of the activities...never as good as the camera, but they are what they are, and are attached here.

Football "Kicks Off"

Football, on the field, begins for me tonight....filling in with a crew I worked with in Toledo last season,  we open the High School scrimmage season, at Lima Perry as they host Van Buren at 6pm.  Working as the Back Judge, should give my legs a good workout.  No games this weekend, because Nick and I are heading to Columbus to move Sam out of his Apartment into a house he is sharing with an old friend, down at Ohio State...Sam enters his Senior and final year next month at OSU so hopefully this will be the last move until he grabs a job(if there are any jobs) after graduation next spring.

Sam has his own scrimmage at the Celina Freshman scrimmage tonight....and I have three more scheduled for next week....the "real" season follows, with the Varsity openers on August 26th and 27th, while our local youth league kicks off on Sunday August 28th...we will be busy.

Ready or season is here..  

back later, enjoy the weekend....

  Photos-Top Beer Tasting at Windy Corners at Montezuma, Ohio.  Windy Corners was the former Beach Point Billiards, where some 45 years ago was my year round hang out in High School.  I learned to play pool there, never any good, but I learned none-the-less.  The Channel heading towards the Windy Point Marina as Nick and I headed towards the docks....and the bright but setting Sun as we motor back along the south shore of Grand Lake towards Bayview Lodge....finally Football Fridays are here...scrimmages for the next two weeks, then the games begin for real.

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