Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Moon Comes Out...

As I said, or have been saying, not a lot going on in my world as I wait for Football to kick off the scrimmage season next Friday, August 12th.   I cleared up my schedule, and figured out I need to rid myself of a couple of games down the road....mainly due to the two Vietnam Reunions coming up.  One, the Howard County Vietnam Veteran "Camp Out" in the middle of September...thousand of Vietnam Vets, family, and friends...camping, cooking, celebrating, in the farm country outside of Kokomo, Indiana, in the middle of September.   Then in early October, a smaller, but far more "posh" get together at Wright-Patterson AFB, near Dayton. That will be the 17th Annual Vietnam Security Police Association(VSPA) Reunion.  This will be my 2nd one, and the first since it was last held in Dayton, back in 2002.  These two events will, added with my football schedule, keep me busy for the late summer and early fall months.  I am looking forward to both.

Yesterday it was lawn mowing....with a bit of rain, the grass, along with the weeds, have started to grow again, although not as fast as back in the April through June months.  I tackled our yard, then headed over to mom's and took care of that one....I then planted myself in the back yard, drank some beer, and proceeded to listen to the Reds lose again to lowly Houston.  Cincinnati is now 7 1/2 back of Milwaukee, and firmly entrenched in 4th place...what a major disappointment they have been, after last year's break out season.

As I sat out back enjoying the beer and a hand rolled cigar, I noticed that a flower, one single flower, had began to peek out from the vines that make up Moonflowers, that we planted back in mid May.  The vines have been growing like weeds on the arbor we placed near the kitchen window...and we were wondering, when or if the flowers would start to come out and bloom in the evening.  Finally last night the first one did....and we noticed at least one more ready to pop out....I am sure more will be forthcoming.

So, that is my story for today...back later>>>>

Photos-The first of the Moonflowers makes it appearance...The VSPA Reunion at WPAFB in October, is proceeded by the Howard County(Kokomo) Vietnam Reunion in mid, Sam Lewis, Sweetie Pie, and her owner Tom McCandless will be at both, well at least Sam, Tom and me, will be at both, The Boar may only make an showing at Kokomo.   And the lone Moonflower hangs high on the fast growing vines...with more,hopefully, on the way.

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Deborah Wilson said...

Moon Flowers are just beautiful - I too use to have them - I planted an entire setion of back yard fence with the vines. I marveled at how beautiful and bright they looked at night, especially with a 3/4 or full moon...:)