Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Much Ado about Not Much....

Football Rules Meeting at Van Wert last night, got home in time to watch the out of the race Reds score 4 runs in the 9th and defeat Florida....a win is a win, but Cincy has long been out of appears the Milwaukee Brewers will win the NL Central, which will make my 88 year old father-in-law pleased.  His beloved Packers win another Super Bowl, The Badgers beat the Buckeyes, and now the Brewers will win the Division.....damn!

After mowing mom's lawn I got home in time to check the phone messages, and noted that the Doctor's office had called with Blood Test Results...since they asked me to call them, I figured, "That's Not Good" wasn't.   My LDL Cholesterol levels are at 160...not sure what the total count is, but 160 on the Bad Cholesterol scale in borderline High to back to Minster tomorrow, and check in.  Now, I treadmill, I lift weights, and officiate upwards of 200 sports contests per year.  I figure I am more active than 99.4% of 62 year old what's with this?  Hell, I'm down 20 plus pounds over the past two years....and am eating a good balance of carbs and calories, eat fruit, veggies...along with my intake of red meats, I figured with my recent check-ups I shouldn't have a problem....but I do.  I don't smoke cigarettes, never have...sure I smoke but don't inhale good hand rolled cigars on occasion, I drink plenty of beer, and don't plan on giving that up, at least not the beer.  But I will listen, and see what he says...however, I'm really not into taking another pill.  At this point I take small amounts of BP meds, recently started on the fungus meds for my toe nail condition and Dermatitis, and a low dose aspirin...I really don't want to take anything else...but again, I will listen and see what he has to say tomorrow.

Meanwhile I will continue my workout regiment, continue to officiate the upcoming football season, and probably cut the fat, at least the saturated fats out of my diet....

That's my take for today....a hot one, as the temps are scheduled to reach 92...with the moister left from last night's overnight lighting show, it will be humid and hot, and I am more than ready for cooler weather.

Hal called this morning and let me to a funny Internet site....they glean actual tweets and such and post them...petty funny is the link if you need a laugh:

enjoy your day...back later>>>>

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