Monday, August 29, 2011

Footballs were flying over the Weekend/Hurricane Irene Fizzles

High School and lower levels of football got off to it's regular season start over the past weekend....Varsity action took place on Friday and Saturday nights, and the lower levels got started over the weekend as well.

After Celina had been defeated at Versailles by a 31-28 score Friday night, in a game which saw the winning 40 yard field connected on the last play of the game, Sam and I joined Pastor Jim and Elida Ben to work the Celina/Versailles Junior Varsity game at Celina Stadium Saturday morning.   Versailles came out on top was good to get out on the field and actually do a meaningful game.  On Sunday Sam and I worked a 2-man crew in the beginning of the Cross Roads Youth Football League....with Celina's Green team taking on Monroe, Indiana...the local team came out on top in both the JV game 20-12, and the Varsity(5th-6th grades) 20-0...a good workout on a pleasant day....highs in the upper 70s with a good breeze.

Meanwhile locally, the Governors Cup Boat Races, after being canceled by the Blue-Green Alga scare last year, were back on Grand Lake this summer...I missed them, but from all accounts they were a success.

Hurricane Irene goes Bust!

You could almost see the disappointment in the eyes of the Weather Channel folks as they tried to make a mountain out of a mole hill.....Jim Cantore standing on the streets of New York, with very little wind, and just a drop or two of rain.  Hurricane Irene had done em' wrong.  Sure it may have flooded some streets, eroded some beaches, did in the Boardwalk at Atlantic City, and sadly a few unprepared people lost their lives....but the big blow that was going to destroy the NYC Subway System failed.  The only dangerous blows were to the egos of the News Media, which had over hyped this storm from the get-go, and the Federal Government Bureaucrats, thus destroying the chance for two Major League Assholes, name Barack Obama, and New York Mayor Bloomberg, to gain political traction from the event.  

For a look at the over coverage, and over hype check out these links:

The devil is in the details, and these left wing clowns and their lamp dog media supporters will do anything to score political points for them.....even the Brits know a lie when they see one:

Photos-Football Kicked off on the High School and lower levels this weekend, the scrimmages done, and the games turned "real"...."Irene" turned to Bust despite the media and Obammy hoping it would turn into something bigger....meanwhile the sunshine and pleasant later summer weather brought out the backyard "Moon" Flowers in bigger numbers.

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