Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Crazy Race Baiting Left....and their lead Clown, Barry Barack:

Got my first full day of workouts in yesterday, back on a semblance of a my Diabetes 2 diet, which had been slipping over the past year, resulting in my gaining back about a third of my lost 30 pounds...gotta admit I felt pretty damn good, despite the 62 years and a twinge or two in the back, after it all.  No weights or treadmill today, because I've got a lawn to mow at mom's and my backyard to work in....should be workout enough.  Tonight a football rules meeting in Van Wert.

The Left Drifts Farther into Insanity_____

Anybody with half a brain knows or should know, that Liberal, or "Progressives" as they now call themselves, can pretty much be placed into 3 camps.  (1) Politicians and media types with some intelligence brain cells, that are looking for power.  (2) Not so bright"Poverty Pimps", like Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, who are racist to the core, and use that racism to gather followers and blame "Whitey" for all their ills.  (3)  People, like union lap dogs, who are really just too stupid to realize, that Democrats and union thug bosses use them like toilet paper, get their money, and then toss them down the sewer.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Liberals and those that follow morons like Barack Obama....they are either evil, uninformed,  just plain stupid, or a warped combination of all three.

Case in point:

I give you California Congressman Maxine "Red" Waters:


Yes, she is crazy, she is a hard core racist, and if I would venture a guess, her IQ is somewhere in lower double digits....

So the question begs....just how does the left get power?

(Answer):  The media, with vested interest in far left politics, props imbeciles like Obama up on his Messiah Pedestal, and refuse to show his faults, {which are so obvious to anybody looking} to the uncaring or unobservant public.

Liberal politicians, especially black liberal politicians, are the scared cows of the politically correct....if you say anything against them, you are labeled a racist.  On the other hand, if you are black, smart, and a Conservative, say a Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell,Clarence Thomas, Allen Keys, or Allen West, you are called everything in the book by the media....with "Uncle Tom" being the favorite.  If you cannot find anything bad to pin on a Conservative of Color, you(the media) ignore him or her altogether.

Yes, the left wing, especially those in political power are as evil, and in the case of Waters, Jackson, Anthony Weiner, John-Boy Edwards, and name your pick in the media, as stupid as they come.  However, that doesn't give the GOP or weak willed Conservatives and RINOs a pass....look no farther than the announced Candidates for President on the Republican side.   They don't inspire a Hell of a lot of confidence in most....including me.

The GOP has a group, led by Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and others that coddle Islamic Terrorists and support open borders...Chris Christie is another, although he has yet to throw his hat in the ring.  Then you have the former Utah Governor John Huntman, an open border, global warming BS believer, and friend of Obama running...you gotta be kidding?, we already have the head turd of the left, why would the GOP put up another clone?  Huntsman IMO is just a shill for Obammy and running only to get the media to print his anti Christian pro bad science rants to help his buddy and former boss, Barack...Huntsman is a tool.

I'm still waiting for someone to step forward that I can support.....Paul Ryan perhaps?  Sarah Palin?  The media would do their best to destroy Palin, including Fox News, the one time right leaning network, has shifted left, and since Glenn Beck left Fox and went out on his own, Fox News is almost as unwatchable as the rest.  I'd like to see Al West, a true American Patriot run, but the media would lie about him, lie, like the dogs they are and represent.

So I will wait for a candidate to emerge, with the election over 14 months and over 400 days away, it's going to be a long haul, and Hell, by the time we get to November 2012, Obama and Company may have already destroyed the republic...he sure is working hard to do just that.

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Photos-Crazy Maxine Waters and Obammy get the good press, while true intellectals like Thomas Sowell and patriots like Allen West are disparaged in the liberal press....

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