Monday, August 8, 2011

The Endless Summer Drones On.....

Seldom am I sick of Summer this early in the season, but this year is one of those rare ones....I am ready for Autumn leaves to start turning.  It has been in a word, weather wise, miserable.  Hot, humid, nary a breeze to catch.  I guess one thing has been positive, not a lot of Mosquitoes around, at least here in town.  Otherwise though, I am ready for late September and October weather, without a doubt, my favorite weather times each year.

A storm rolled through around 4pm yesterday...dropped some rain, downed some tree limbs, and left as quickly as it got here, and the sun brought back the appears that sun and humidity, with a chance of another storm or two, will last at least until Wednesday...then hopefully some moderating temps with less humid conditions for awhile.

Bar Stool Open No Show_______

This was only the second time in the last decade that I missed the Bar Stool Open on Grand Lake....With Bill Clem out of town, Nick having some boat issues, and Sam and Hal "iffy" on participating, although Hal would have gladly come up, we decided to hold off for a year, and see how the lake improves by next August.   A little more sober and with more jingle in my pocket this Monday as compared to past Bar Stool Open aftermaths.

Ohio State Football Practice begins____

With a new coach, Luke Fickle, and a new Quarterback, to be named later, Ohio State's Buckeye football squad begins practice this morning.  Sam, who works part time for the Big Ten Network, and, headed down to Columbus to work most of this week covering the practice beginnings.  However the big news will come Friday, when the NCAA hands out any further punishment to the disgraced program.  The damage Jim "Vest" Tressel did, despite his great winning record over a decade of leading the program, may take years to recover from...although with the stranglehold on football rich Ohio High School recruits, I don't think OSU will miss much in the way of winning seasons.  One thing I won't miss is that sorry overrated QB, one Terrelle Pryor.  IMO Tressel tossed the program under the bus for a punk, a punk who never was as good as Ohio State fans hoped.  As Sam and Hal can attest to, I couldn't stand the man-child from the day I first witnessed his "Hey Look at Me" Press Conference to announce his decision to attend OSU...good riddance that both are gone.

Meanwhile my football season of officiating begins already this Friday night....Lima Perry is hosting a full scrimmage against Van Buren and I will work as Back Judge on a crew I subbed in on last October in a Toledo City League game.....not sue my legs or mind is completely ready, but I will get to that point, at least mind-wise by Friday afternoon.

In the meantime, I'll wait for the humid weather to give way to fall, enjoy the blooming flowers outback, and prime myself for football, and the two Vietnam Reunions that I have coming up in the next 60 days....

back later>>>>

Photos-Up early this morning and took this shot looking out over the "Hot Water Hole" on Lake Shore Drive at Grand Lake....Looking north from the porch as the storm moved in from the west yesterday afternoon.  Speaking of Clouds, Ohio State Football practice begins this morning, under a heavy cloud of what is to come, after the "Pay for Tattoo" mess that Jim Tressel, now departed head coach, allowed under his watch.  Finally, the back yard Sunflowers, while now as large as those of the past two years, have began to come on in numbers equal to those of the past.....and the various colors appear to be just as vivid.

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