Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So much for my time off....Football is up next!

After getting back from Wisconsin, I planned on working or slouching around the house for a few days, getting the Nitro vehicle problems taken care of, and maybe taking some photos, drinking beer(nothing new there), and basically relaxing... well, so much for those plans.

Now my football schedule has been moved up...I will work with a crew that I filled in on at a Toledo City League game last season....that will be next Friday, August 12th at Lima Perry, a varsity scrimmage, working as the Back Judge, same as I did at Toledo last move my schedule up by 4 days.  Then this morning, the local Recreation Department informed me that the Youth League schedule was out, and would I find and assign officials for that?  Sure, since I do many of the games, I might as well get my fellow officials on board.

And here it is, almost Noon, and I am still working on the schedule, and getting e-mails around in search of football guys to fill the open slots...

Other than that, not a lot going on....some interesting things have passed my facebook account, and in the news(like the Stock Market taking a deep hit), but really nothing that is shaking my world up.   I grilled out yesterday, drank a couple of Guinness Extra Stout brews, while I did that...then sat and watched the Reds pull one out at Houston...but remain in 4th place, far out of the race, at 6 1/2 games behind Milwaukee.   The games Cincinnati pulled out last year, are the same ones they are losing this appears not to be their year.

A welcome rain came through overnight, and the flowers, while not nearly as bountiful as last summer, are coming out, and the few wild Sunflower plants with multiple heads are going to save what would otherwise be a off season in the Sunflower Seed department.   The Mexicans and Fuzzy Teddy Bear variety are also making their faces shown, along with the Red Evening Shade type...

Like I said, not a heck of a lot going on folks...what you see/read is what you get...back later>>>>
                                                                                      Photos-Fuzzy Face of Teddy Bear Sunflowers have started popping out along and inside the fence in the back yard...Football is about to begin, while the Reds sputter through the Kennel area the Wild Sunflowers are producing in grand fashion, while the Evening Shade, not as plentiful as last season have started to come out.                                                                             

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