Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday..."Hump Day"...

Back in my Health Department days....which in reality is the only period in my working life that I worked a "normal" shift/work week, Wednesday was referred to as "Hump Day".  It was the day you hit mid-week and everything to follow was heading towards the weekend and that is what you lived and worked for.  So, other than those 20 years, and my school and college days, my week has never been controlled by the desire to get to that weekend, which by the time you hit Sunday at Noon, you were fretting that the weekend was over and those clouds moved back in to your life. 

Weekends....who need them?

Not me...Oh' sure, I enjoy the weekends, but as far as jobs, having to do multiple things, and piling them into that short span of time, I just no longer have to concentrate and trying to finish up what I have on the schedule/agenda by the time Sunday night rolls around.  The is one of the good things about being semi-retired.  Let's face it, in the Summer months, and now as we head for fall...I work(officiate/umpire) as much or more on the weekends as I do during the week.  With football having started it's scrimmage or pre-season schedule, I will usually work a JV game on Saturday morning, and then a Youth double header on much for having the weekend "off"....but I don't mind it at all.

Last night I hooked up with Rich from St. Marys and Dennis from Paulding, and we worked a quick Junior High(7th grade) scrimmage at Crestview...we were out of there in 90 minutes, as darkness began to fall on the unlighted practice field....almost like taking money for not working, but sometimes you get $50 for 90 minutes, while on other days you get $45 for 3 hours work, such is the way of Scrimmage season in high school and lower level football.

Yesterday Doug from R&D motors called...his words were that they had found the problem in the Dodge Nitro...a module in the warning system, like his mechanic had thought.  That was the good news, under warranty it would be taken care of...the bad news?  Seems this is a problem with these cars, and some 160 others had the same piece on "back order" will be a couple of weeks before it comes in....meaning the Nitro, will be subject to that crazy, loud, embarrassing warming system coming on at anytime, and anywhere.  This will make the Dodge Montana, with it's 175,000 miles on it, the main vehicle in the household, until Patricia gets her Nitro back...

With the Jeep Wrangler sold(see yesterday's post), we now have one car in true working order...with the Nitro on standby and the 1977 Buick not yet road worthy....but as long as the Montana holds out, even with Patricia heading back to school next week, we should be able to survive with one car.

Back Yard Flowers, reach the zenith....

Not a great year for plants, crops, or our back yard flowers this year....the cold and wet Spring, put a crimp in both planting and subsequent growing seasons.  However they have come out, smaller and less in numbers, but the season is reaching it full bloom mode.

The Sunflowers while approaching last season , but not 2009 in numbers, are far off in size and quality of seeds...and the Moon Flowers, while finally coming out, have been disappointing in numbers.  I think next year we will try them along a fence row, so they can spread out more....Patricia's Buzz Bombs, which attract the Hummingbirds, were shorter and less colorful this Summer, and we have yet to see any of the smallish birds in our back yard. 

So with the flowers as with anything else in life, if things don't go right one season there is always, "Wait Until Next Year"....

No games tonight, being Wednesday, or "Hump Day"....lawn mowing over at mom's is about all I have on my agenda...back later>>>>

Photos-The back yard flowers, while not as plentiful, or as colorful, have none-the-less bloomed.  The Dodge Nitro has not aged much of the past 3 months....frankly, with the problems it is having electronically, it may remain "new" for awhile longer.....and finally a close up look at a mammoth Sunflower....double click and the inter workings of these flowers never ceases to amaze me.

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