Friday, August 26, 2011

Just another Friday...

Spent much of yesterday researching Zocor, the Cholesterol lowering drug that I am supposed to start taking in the next week or so....then it was off to my final Football Scrimmage of the pre-season, I mistakenly thought it was a regular season game....but a scrimmage it was, regardless, we got about 2 hours of work in, and I headed home and cracked open a couple of cold ones....

I had e-mailed my buddy Andy, from Cleveland, who lives in the Louisville area these days.  I hired Andy back in 1981 to work the afternoon shift at WCSM back in our radio DJ days, and 30 years later we are still close friends, although we don't see each other as often as we would like....Andy, his wife Amy, and their two boys were at Hal and Lisa's reception in February, so we did get a chance for a long visit then.  Andy, after his radio days headed back to college and eventually worked for Pfizer, and knows as much as anybody about the pluses and minuses of prescription I figured I would ask him about Zocor.  I returned his call as I sat on the back steps downing a beer.  Turns out he is on the same Zocor dose that my doc is prescribing for me.   With a history of heart attacks in his family, he has been on Zocor for about 4 years, after using Lipitor for the previous two.  He said it was a "clean" drug, and that the side effects, while serious in a few, were easy to spot when occurring.  He had no problems and recommended I go ahead and start the drug, and if I had problems I would know it pretty quick, as unlikely as they are.

Those views gave me some confidence to go ahead and start, however, I am certainly not in favor of medications that have possible side will keep a close watch for any problems.  My younger cousin Gary, the son of my late first cousin Gary Sr...said he has been on it as well, and has had no problems either...this got me wondering "Just how many freaking people are being medicated in this country"?

My friend Rick tells me that at least 25% of the population is being prescribed a statin, which is what Zocor I told him, I will start the dosage when it comes, but I am not convinced that I want to be on anything long with the BP meds, long term, and the anti fungal for the toe nails, short term, comes this....we will see how it goes.

Sam will be home tonight, and tomorrow we work a JV game, Versailles at Celina, to kick off our regular season...Varsity action begins tonight....I will fill in as needed, I am not interested in doing many varsity games either in football or basketball...those sports, unlike baseball, I would rather do lower levels, and use them for a good workout, and because I like the activity.  Baseball on the other hand, is MY sport, and the one I know the best....therefore I will continue to work almost strickly Varsity High School, and lower College levels for the foreseeable future, as long as my body and health hold out.

The last weekend before the unofficial end of Summer, Labor Day, is upon us.....the heat will soon wane, and before long Fall will begin to change the my back yard flowers, shown here, will fade and fall with the leaves....Enjoy your weekend.

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Photos-The Moon Flowers, which are now blooming in droves, and the rest, including the towering 16 foot high Sunflowers in our backyard will soon began to wilt and fade away as Summer slowly but surely moves into fall in the next weeks.

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