Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As January Fades, so does the GOP Chances in 2012...

It might hit 60 degrees in West Central Ohio today....not sure if that would be a record, but it would have to be close if not an outright high for January 31st in recorded history.  Sure it will eventually get colder, but at this time of the year, each day that moves us closer to March and the beginning of Spring, is one day less we will have to contend with Winter....

The back slowly improves...sure it still hurts...but it is improving, so I believe this spell will be just that, a bump in the road, rather than a detour....in fact I am considering heading down to the basement weight room as early as tomorrow to start my lifting routine....or perhaps I will hold off until Friday, we will see how I feel tomorrow...

First thing tomorrow morning however is heading to Minster to my "doctor"...actually my doctor retired last fall, in his 50s, with health issues of his own....thus leaving Patricia and I without a regular physician....however his office is now staffed by a nurse practitioner and she refers major items to one of the regular MD's out of the Health Conglomerate...otherwise she takes care of the office work, and issues regarding subscriptions, etc.  My last visit was back in August when Doc Bergman was still practicing....and I need a refill of BP meds...but the real reason to go back was Patricia.  While my back was acting up, she managed to bend wrong and snap something out of place in her knee....she had one operated on back in the mid 1980s....this is the other one, and it might be that surgery will be needed on this one.  I guess her appointment on Thursday will go a long way towards deciding that....Ain't getting older great?

The GOP stumbles into Florida_____

The Republicans continue to self-destruct as they move into the Florida Primary Election today...Mitt and Newt appear to be all the GOP has left to defend America against the half baked, half wit, half breed, Marxist assclown, named Barack Insane Obama, this November.  And if I had my prediction right now, I say America loses....it appears at this point that this Kenyan Bastard Child will be re-elected by a people either to stupid, too unattached, or too hooked on Government handouts, to actually see what is happening to this once{look around it no longer is great in any sense of the word}great Republic.

But take a look at the Republicans....they have nobody to blame but themselves...the two front runners continue to destroy themselves and their base, by of all things, complaining about each other being too rich or too corrupt, or for gawd sake, too Capitalistic...WTF is wrong with these imbeciles? 

Rick Santorum is still my pick, but it appears that he is running out of time and money, Ron Paul is nothing but a side show freak, who will, if given a third party run, hand the election to Obama....which is likely to happen anyway.  Paul is nothing more than a spawn of the America First group which was in vogue back in the days right before Pearl Harbor was attacked


....once the war hit American soil, the movement disbanded, and fell into place to support the war, along with the rest of the country.  The "Paulbots" as most call his most rabid supporters are nothing more than 1960s radicals that are cheapskates when it comes to taxes...in short they are the Anti Vietnam War Radicals, some 45 years late.  As I have said until blue in the face....Ron Paul knows economics, sad to say he is naive as Hell when it comes to the evils of Islam and the danger that cult presents to freedom loving people.

So that leaves us with Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.....

Newt is a smart man, who will destroy the Kenyan in a debate....but who watches debates?  On the left nobody except the Political Class, who are already walking in lock step with this interloping sock puppet of George Soros.  The rest of the Obama base are too stupid to take their eyes off Jerry Spinger or Oprah Lard Ass, to even begin to think for themselves...if they do watch news, they tend to watch the evening left wing talking points on one of the 3 major networks, or CNN.  Despite being a good debater and a smart man, Newt Gingrich is still a progressive, who once he got the Speaker's Chair back in 1994, decided to wheel and deal with Bubba Clinton, and prove he really wasn't a small Government man after all....would I vote for him over Obammy?  Sure, but that's not saying much.

Then there is Mitt...

Romney, the former Governor of Taxyer2shits, was a Liberal when Gov....of course in that Kennedy infested crap hole, you have little choice to rule the brain dead majority but as a Liberal...after all, a population that elects and treats the inbred Kennedy clan like some kind of perverse royalty, can't be real bright, can they?  So I tend not to hold him totally at fault for his days in that sorry state....after all, all politicians lie to their base...they have to in order to be elected.

Do I trust Mitt Romney to do the right things?  Not a chance, but like Newt, I would vote for him over the Kenyan Sock Puppet....not that is saying much.  S this is the sorry state of American Politics....money and corrupt supporters handing out that cash.  Whether it be Wall Street and Unions giving cash to the Democrats, or Joe Six Pack and Small Businesses giving to the GOP...cash is king, and the American {working} Public are the pawns.

At this point in time, it appears Obama is headed for re-election, thanks to a people too stupid and uniformed, led by a lying main stream media, in bed with the Kenyan and his policies....a teleprompter reading Queen of the Chicago Gay Bathhouse Scene, who can neither think or speak for himself.  Sure things can change before November, but if even by some chance the GOP Candidate wins....the question remains, "Are we too far gone down this path, to reverse this disastrous course we have chosen to take"?  The old saying is..."We get the Government we deserve"....and no truer phrase has ever been locked into place when looking at the choices we are faced with in 2012.

So here we are at the end of January, things look worse than they did in January 2009, but a nation of sheep is yet to wake up.  Well at least I can thank God for Global Warming.... so I'm out to enjoy the last day of January and 60 degrees in the sunshine.

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Photos-Obammy is the Captain of the Sinking Ship The USS Amerika....but the voters are either too naive, too stupid, or too hooked on handouts to figure it out.  Ron Paul, while a smart man on economic freedoms, is a fool when it comes to National Defense and the dangers of Islamic Terrorism, "Beam Him Up Scotty"...that leave us with Newt and Mitt....unless Rick Santorum has a rebound, the choices we have don't instill a Hell of a lot of confidence in our future.

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