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My Political Views, Part 4....JFK, LBJ, Goldwater, Dick Nixon, and Vietnam...

It appears that our spring-like weather, which has been with us much of the late fall and early winter season, is about to take leave, for awhile at least.  Near 40 as the rain ends this morning, but by tonight, snow will have moved in, and temperatures will drop to the low 20s...and by this time tomorrow, a few inches of white stuff, somewhere between 2 and 5 inches will cover the ground...that should stick around for awhile, with cold temperatures to hang around through the weekend at least.

LCC Freshman game last night, tonight back to Junior High Boys at Wayne Trace, where I will work with a cousin, Les Hockenberry, whom I have never met...or at least I don't recall meeting him, perhaps at a Waldron Reunion, the common family link, but I don't recall...guess I'll find out tonight.

My Politics, part #4_____

The family left Venice, Florida, and returned to western Ohio, late in 1962...early in my 8th grade...while politics had interested me during the 1960 Presidential Race, I became enthralled by it  by the time 1964 rolled around.

JFK was shot down in Dallas, shortly after we moved into our new home near Montezuma, Ohio, in the fall of 1963.  I remember walking into Freshman Algebra class and our teacher began the class by telling us "President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas, he is presumed dead"...after getting home, I would spend the next days watching the news from Dallas, mostly CBS coverage....and was even watching when Lee Harvey Oswald was gunned down by Jack Ruby, as he was being taken away...looking back I think to myself, "Where the Hell was Security"?

As far as the assassination?  I was not a JFK fan, but I certainly didn't want him dead...especially with that criminal knuckle headed Texan, LBJ, now as doubt the most evil, corrupt, son of a bitch to hold the office of President, save perhaps Woodrow Wilson, and the current Kenyan assclown now running the country into the ground.  Lyndon Baines Johnson and his "Great Society" was the biggest mistake ever foisted on this Republic, making even the policies of FDR look tame by comparison.  Needless to say, when 1964 came around, I was supporting Barry Goldwater, with my 15 years of experience in life.

Goldwater had no shot....with Kennedy's death, and the media's support, LBJ would win in a breeze.  Looking back at Goldwater, at that time he was a solid rock ribbed Conservative voice....and he would change the GOP forever to the party of least compared to the Democrats.  However, Barry Goldwater, as he would prove later in life, was really no Conservative at least in my the time he became a doddering old fool, with his mind gone, his Liberal leanings, especially on social issues, would come seeping through.  His first wife was Queen of the Arizona Ghouls...a stanch supporter and funding arm of the murderous Planned Parenthood, and Barry supported them to the the years moved on, his second, younger wife, and her far left politics would influence the man even more.   As I grew in my political knowledge, I came to realize that Barry Goldwater, was not really the man I thought I admired...but he still had LBJ beat all to Hell.  

I would meet Barry Goldwater in Vietnam later on....he, while still a General in the Air Force Reserve, would fly into Nha Trang late in 1969, and stay for a night on one of the not-so-elite Law Enforcement Security Police, Phil Lange my old friend and NCOIC, would give me a shift watching Goldwater's quarters....I did get to salute him once.  Knowing what I now know about him, a middle finger might have been more appropriate.

As for the war, or conflict, whatever the Hell you want to call it...LBJ foisted that on the American People...sure Kennedy and Ike had advisers there, and JFK basically overthrew the South Vietnam Government, but Johnson was the bastard that lied about the Gulf of Tonkin, and thus sowed the seeds of defeat and the useless deaths of 60,000 men and the destruction of lives of thousands more...and for what?  I supported the war, supported those I served with, we won that damn war on the ground, the bastards back in DC, and the gutless protestors, lost it for us, and will forever have blood on their hands.

Dick Nixon to the Rescue.....

After his presidential defeat at the hands of John Kennedy, Rich Nixon limped back to California and was soundly defeated in an attempt to win the Governorship of that state in 1962.... and despite his claims to the contrary, we had not seen the last of Dick Nixon, but the press still would "kick him around", and still do to this day.

Nixon, winning by the narrowest of margins in 1968, defeated the sitting Vice President, a laughable Hubert Humphrey, and states rights candidate Alabama's George Wallace.  But before this we had to sit through the resignation of LBJ, well not really resigning, he just choose not to run, beaten down by the War in Vietnam, Johnson chucked it all, and would die a handful of years later, in disgrace, only to be propped back up by the press in death as some kind of good President, he was anything but.  

Then Robert Kennedy, while running against Humphrey and others, was gunned down in California...that and the murder of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, turned the late 1960s, especially the year 1968, into a time like no would also be the year I was handed my draft notice, and choose instead to join the Air Force.  1968 also saw my cousin, Jack Poling killed in Vietnam, and my brother Mike's best friend, David Kim Deeter, gunned down in Vietnam as well.

1968 would not be a year I would would be the year I would realize just where I stood politically....despite some fine tuning over the next 40+ years, I had pretty much became an independent right, hard right, radical thinker.

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Photos-Goldwater, JFK, minutes before he was gunned down, me at Nha Trang, about the same time as the Goldwater visit, and "Tricky" Dick Nixon....a conservative?  Not Really, but more on that tomorrow....

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sam said...

I also remember 68 well too, especially Jan and TET 68 while I was at Phan Rang and the time all Hell broke loose both in Nam and here in the streets of America where sentament changed drasticly and traitors such as Fonda and Kerry were made famous.