Monday, January 9, 2012

My Political Views, Part 2

The lack of winter weather continues, "I love Global Warming!"...fake science and bullshit it might be.  Sunny and upper 40s today, back in the 50s by mid-week, before finally another short round of Winter weather arrives for  the weekend....but even then, it will be around "normal" as we head into mid-January, by average the coldest time of the year.  After all, once January 21st hits, the sun and moon say our average temperatures will start to rise, and will continue on that upward move, until July 21st.

I suspect the only thing that drives the left as bonkers as refuting Global Warming, is one Denver Bronco Quarterback, named Tim Tebow....he's a wacky Christian you know:

Gotta love it...Tim Tebow is the Atheist/Progressive world's worst much fun watching them lose it when he wins....The Broncos, with the Bengals out as of Saturday, are my "new" team to root for down the stretch in the Playoffs...taking on New England next weekend.
While the loser left hates Tebow, it worships Mother Earth, and the fake science of Man-Made Global Warming..."Chicken Littles" that they be.

For folks like me, with an education in Biology and Environmental Health, I smile when the losers on the left side of politics go bonkers when people like me refute and make fun of their gods that claim that man-man Global Warming{or now it's climate change, I guess}is fact.  The only fact is, it's a lie and a money grabbing, people controlling lie at that.  Man Made Global Warming is a lie, a hoax...don't let the dimwits in the media, or that half wit in the White House, tell you different.  It's about power, money, and control, and that is what the left, in this country and out, is all about...Controlling your and my lives, through regulation, money, and power.

My Political Views part #2____

I guess you could say I got my early poltical views from my Grandmother Houseworth....Wilda Waldron Houseworth was born in Van Wert County, Ohio, on December 22, 1883, she passed away in Van Wert Hospital on April 15, 1975, at the ripe old age of 91.  

Going through many of her papers, photos, and post cards, after I took possession of her home, that she shared with daughters Cecil, and Eva, back in the late 1990s.   Her political leanings, which I had a bit of knowledge about before, came into full light at that time.   Wilda was not only a Republican, she was a far right one.  A member of many right leaning organizations, she especially, disliked the policies of FDR, and the progressives like Woodrow Wilson, that came before Roosevelt.

I found and kept, invitations to political events, including a personally signed one from newly elected Governor of Ohio, John Bricker, inviting her to his Inauguration in early 1939.

Bricker served as Ohio Governor from 1939 through 1945, was the VP Candidate for the GOP in the 1944 Presidential Election, a losing effort to FDR and his Socialist cohorts.  He went on to become a Ohio/US Senator from 1947 until 1959.

Grandma's politics rubbed off on her kids that were interested...I know Eva, Cecil, and Stan Houseworth, my dad, were conservatives...not so much as I would become, but for back in the FDR madness, when America was coddling Communists, they were pretty far to the right.  The others, my uncles John and Forrest?  I gotta believe John was a Republican, and believe that Uncle "Housie" Forrest, didn't really give a rat's behind about politics.

While the Houseworths and Waldrons were Republican's side of the family, consisted on mainly Irish Democrats, with one notable exception.  My GG-Grandfather Patrick Feeley, who immigrated from Ireland in 1860, was a rock ribbed Republican from Chester, Pennsylvania, who served in the City Council or as Ward Chairman.  

On the other side, the DeVores...well, as much as I love Grandad William DeVore(1900-1970), and my uncles, Bill(1925-1998), and Uncle Jack, who still is alive these days, in his 80s...I never have agreed with their politics.  Mind you they were or are not "Liberal Democrats"...just plain old fashion, union supporting Dems, who seem to think that the Democratic Party of today favors the "working man".  Of course nothing could be further from the truth....for all it's faults, the GOP at least favors American workers, while the Democrats favor the lower forms, that freeload off the backs of others....including the illegal interlopers, who work for low wages, and steal the bread off American workers tables.

The Democrats are not the friend of the working American, or any American, that I fact both major political parties, have major issues, that I find disturbing. ..I guess I should note that at least two members of the DeVore clan were, certainly is not a Democrat, and never has been in my years of knowing her.

Tomorrow, I will recollect how my political views have moved from center moderate to far right semi libertarian over the years.....

back later>>>>

Photos-Tim Tebow, whether at Florida or with the Denver Broncos, drives the Liberals and Atheists nuts.....Yep,Global Warming, as fake as Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, Grandma Houseworth, standing,  in her days at the Scott, Ohio, Phone Company(around 1920), was an early political force for me.  John Bricker, Governor and Senator from Ohio from 1939 through 1959, was the GOP VP pick in 1944...and my uncle Bill DeVore, a World War 2 combat veteran, was a union Democrat...other than that, there wasn't much I didn't like about Uncle Bill....we just choose not to discuss politics when I stayed with him and Aunt Agnes, some 40 + years ago, instead talking about our favorite subject, baseball.

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