Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Political Views, Part 3...We Like "Ike", JFK, Nixon, and LBJ...

It appears that the "spring-like" conditions will end by tonight...rain moving in, then a couple of cold days, before things settle into a more January-like mode....cannot complain, in two months plus a week, my baseball scrimmages will begin.  Meanwhile the basketball season, for me at least, is about one half way done.  Seven weeks down, seven to go....take a few weeks off, get the baseball gear ready, and move outside.

Youth sports 'fans', never cease to amaze me....

Last night I was back at Lima Central Catholic, working a Junior High double header...the home team, LCC dominated both the 7th and 8th grade games, and we were out of there by 7:15, after a 5pm start.  There was a good size crowd, and several in the stands, didn't like the fact that I wasn't calling enough fouls or blowing the whistle enough to suit them.  I am sure these so called fans{mostly parents at this level}, would have been pitching a bitch if we had let the games become a foul shooting, drawn out contest.  My theory in basketball is:  "Let the kids decide the game on the court.  If it gets too physical, or starts to get 'chippy", I'll start blowing the whistle, otherwise I am letting them play".  The game has changed over the years, and if the kids aren't cussing, or fighting, for the most part, I'm calling only what obviously affects the play or game, otherwise..."Get Er Done".  Tonight back at LCC for a single Freshman boys contest.  This week contains 10 games, after tonight I will be half way there.

Politics Part #3

With the completion of the New Hampshire Primary last night, it appears that Mitt Romney is closing in on the 'coranation' as the GOP standard bearer, thanks to money, the Republican establishment, and the media, who desperately want an Obama-lite running against their chosen "Messiah"...if Mitt wins the nomination, I will support him, unless he chooses Ron Paul or John Huntsman as his VP running mate, if that would happen, I will either sit this one out, or vote 3rd party.  The way I figure it, we are on the track to reaching "Hell in a hand basket" one way or the other....Romney will just get us there a bit slower, than Obammy The Wonder Kenyan.

Growing up in South Florida, I remember my first taste of politics....

Dad and mom were Republicans, and my early recollections included watching the 1956 election returns on the fuzzy black and white screen, with WFLA Channel 8 out of Tampa/St Pete bringing in the re-election of Ike Eisenhower, with ancient graphics.  At that time I really don't think it mattered much...Hell we were pretty poor, and lower middle class, and I don't think if would have meant a tinkers-damn difference if Adlai Stevenson had been elected.  However, by the time 1960 rolled around, I was in 6th grade, and pretty damn Gung-Ho about the upcoming Kennedy-Nixon campaigns.

Several of our "gang" of buddies in the Edgewood Section of Venice, picked sides....most of us were for Nixon, but a few others supported Kennedy, it no doubt had everything to do with our parents politics.  Back in those days, as I recall, unlike today, there was no hatred just because we disagreed on the Republicans or, sadly, you cannot have a friend that disagrees with your politics, it is next to impossible.  If family members disagree or have a far different view, you pretty much either don't see them, or avoid political discussions if possible at family get-togethers.

The Halloween before the 1960 Election, we headed out on "Trick or Treat", and in our group, the Nixon camp began pasting bumper stickers, we had picked up at the local elections headquarters, on any available window, store or car, that we could find...the Kennedy group did like-wise.  I guess we would be accused of being "JDs" or Juvenile Delinquents these days....we weren't, just young and stupid.  Those were the days when kids could still walk the streets of small town America, without worry....thanks to the man who would replace JFK upon his assassination, Lydon Baines Johnson, our world would change forever.  America would never be the same, thanks to LBJ and his Presidency, "The Great Society" would change America, then the Vietnam War would divide us, like no the time I reached High School living back in my birth state of Ohio, my politics would begin their never ending slide towards the radical that lean gets more pronounced by the day.

Tomorrow, part #4, LBJ, Goldwater, The Vietnam War, and Nixon....the seeds of my political views had been sown....they would and will continue in the "right direction" for the rest of my days.....

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Photos-The 1960 Bumper Stickers like the ones we pasted on store front windows and cars in Venice, Florida....1956, liking "Ike" was my first taste of presidential politics, JFK, although I didn't like him, now seems Conservative, compared to the infected Marxist Democrats of today, and even most "Progressive/Liberal Big Government Republicans...and LBJ...I despise the man in 1964, I still despise what he did to this bad as FDR was, Lyndon Johnson was perhaps the worst President of my lifetime, although one Barack Obama is giving that moniker a run for LBJ and his outlaw politics.

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Deborah Wilson said...

The two parties have switched personalities/agendas over the decades - the democratic party use to be conservative while it was the republican party that was social.

The democratic party was focused in and mainly the party of the old south, while the republican party is the original party of Lincoln.