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Political Views Part #6, a final look....Winter Makes a Showing

The weekend finally saw a taste of winter, although nothing out of the ordinary...we ended up with perhaps three inches of snow, and plenty of wind.  Yesterday the temperatures finally settled in the single digit range, about 8 above by the time I awoke...things will warm up for a couple of days, probably melting the snow, then colder for middle and late week.

As I traveled back from Ada Friday night, after officiating, Interstate 75 was a mess...the lite snow was being blown across the north-south highway, and the cars and 18 wheelers were packing it into a thin icy mess....the usual idiots with front wheel and 4WD vehicles thinking they cold go the speed limit were ending up in the various ditches and guardrails along 75...with my experience two weeks ago, while having a fender bender, driving 5 mph, I took it easy, and made it home safe and without incident.

Saturday with JV games, Girls in St. Marys, and Boys at Crestview, I finished off my 10 game week...this coming week it gets a bit easier, less busy, and will stay that way until my season is completed on February 24th.  Frankly I am tired, and ready for the fews weeks off between roundball and baseball, which for me begins on my 63rd birthday,  March 16, 2012, with a scrimmage at Lima Central Catholic.

Speaking of baseball, I have already received my first post season assignment, a Sectional Game on May 9th...with the new rules concerning the post season and who works it, I'm pretty pleased that I was among the first to get an assignment.  More sectional locations will select their picks, then the District, Regional, and State games will be handed out come April..and by that time, hopefully the spring will have turned warm and somewhat dry.....unlike last year, when it remained wet throughout the early baseball season.

Political Views....a final look!

After the 1976 disaster, known as the Election of Jimmy Carter, I finished up studies at Hocking, moved back to Celina, where I attended Wright State Lake Campus for a year, then when finished there, I chucked it all and Patricia and I along with the Airedales, Rag and Max, the mutts, Ginny and Dixie, and the stupid cat, moved to the frozen north country...Wausau, Wisconsin, where I worked on the ski hills, bartended, and took classes at Trans American School of Broadcasting....finishing up there in the summer of 1978.  For the next few years I would be "living on the radio" in such places as Wausau and Merrill, Wisconsin, Kokomo, Indiana, and Dodge City, Kansas, before returning to Celina, where I would play Program Director at the local station, before turning my attention to Environmental Health work full time, and broadcasting would become a second and part-time paid hobby, for the next 20 years.

My politics became pretty well solidified by this time....While in Dodge City, early on in the 1980 Presidential Campaign, I had the chance, during the Kansas Primary, to interview, George Bush 1, Reagan, and Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy.  But by that time I had already decided to cast my lot with Reagan.  Kennedy was challenging Carter, because he was not "Liberal", can you imagine that?  Jimmy "F-ing" Carter, not liberal enough?...meanwhile Bush and Reagan were doing fierce battle...George Bush one, the ultimate RINO, and Reagan, a true Conservative...both were far superior to Carter, or the bloated man-slaughtering Kennedy.

Reagan would to on to win that primary, the nomination, pick Bush as his running mate, to placate the moderates in the GOP, and easily defeat the dimwitted Carter, despite the appearance of another RINO, liberal John Anderson, as a 3rd party candidate.   We would have eight great years, bringing America back to respect, slap the shit out of Islamic Radicals, and repair the economy.  Sadly however, it's been all downhill since Ronald Reagan left office in 1989.  The past 22 years have seen nitwits, RINOs, fornicating hillbillies, Marxists, and Jackasses, hold office, and all variety of same have served in the White House....topped off by the Marxist Kenyan son of a Kansas whore we are currently saddled with...a man, in name only, that has as his Mission #1. destroying the Republic, his main goal...there are no Ronald Reagan's on the horizon.  Only a group of self absorbed Socialist Ambulance Chasers, and worse....even the most Conservative of the Republicans running for President in 2012, is less "conservative" than John F. Kennedy was...that's how far we have sunk as a country.  The media, the so called "5th Estate" has become nothing more than a sound bite filled bankrupt voice of the Democratic Party and the infiltrating filth of what's wrong with the USA these days.

So, there you have it....a rambling look at my politics, from Ike to Reagan...I've become more conservative{see far right} over the 55 years I have followed politics...and I've come to despise Liberals and the Government more....

My opinions include one which would surly piss off some of my fellow veterans and conservative patriots....I told my boys, when they were in high school,  not to enlist in the military....because frankly, a people that would elect Bill Clinton, not once but twice, to the office of President, was probably not worth fighting for....and now, with one illegal Marxist named Barry Soetoro, aka Barack "Insane" Obama, in the highest office in the land....that opinion has intensified...while I love this country, and love it's history, the current "Nanny State" with career political hacks is not what our founding fathers had in mind....if alive today, they would be leading a second American Revolution....and their muskets would be aimed straight at Washington DC....we have become a nation of "entitlement slaves", one were less that 40% of it's citizens actually work, or if they work, work on the taxpayers dole....and frankly I was one of those for 20 years...a fact that doesn't dim my distaste for what we have become at all.

I'm not sure what will happen this coming November, I suspect that by hook or crook, Obama will be re-elected....and if that happens, you best be prepared, because if the Mayan Calender is wrong, and the world doesn't end....what is coming to America and the World, is not for the weak and cowardly.  Let the game of war for our soul begin.....

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Photos-While Reagan and George Washington, both American Heroes, rode horses, today we are saddled with Horse's Asses, like the departed Ted Kennedy, who drank and fornicated his way through life, and Hillbilly Bill Clinton, who screwed anything with a skirt on in his 8 miserable years in the White House...What would our Founding Fathers, like Ben Franklin, of yesteryear think?  I suspect, "Washington DC?...let's get out the rope and find the nearest tall Oak Tree"

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Deborah Wilson said...

A great 'political' history of yourself, Pat. Looking back, I also believe the Reagan years were the best.