Friday, January 6, 2012

My Political Views, Part 1

The "January Thaw" has arrived in western Ohio...except for one thing...There is nothing to thaw!  So far the purveyors of that fake science, Global Warming, have to be gnashing their collective teeth....way above normal temperatures thus Celina and Grand Lake will reach 50 degrees under sunny skies.  Although a bit cooler for the weekend, the skies will remain sunny, with mild temperatures through the middle of next week.  Then the clouds return and a chance of snow with colder temperatures return...but even then, nothing below normal on the horizon...we have yet to see a day in the single digits or lower, and here it is a week into the new year.

Boys JV game at Lima Shawnee tonight....and back at Lima Central Catholic tomorrow for a morning Junior High double.  Last night I worked a double header JH Boys here in Celina with my friend Kim, a women official from the New Bremen area...she always does a good job, and we needed to be on our toes last night...both games, especially the 8th grade contest were up and down the floor.  Elida took the 7th grade game 30-29 withholding a late Celina surge, while in the second game, Celina's 8th grade remained undefeated by pulling away late to win by about a dozen, after a close first three quarters.  Seven weeks in, 7 weeks to go in my Basketball schedule.....frankly I am ready for both the meetings and season to start in Baseball, by far my most skilled{IMO} and favorite sport to officiate/umpire.

Politics 2012_____

To be honest, I really don't like talking or arguing politics...I am a political junkie, but not so much as my younger days, because frankly most politicians and both major political parties are corrupt, and lawyers/courts rule both the Republicans and Demo-rats.

Yesterday I posted my reasons for not agreeing with or supporting one Ron Paul, on my facebook page.  The comments came rolling in....that name, Ron Paul, brings out the passion in both sides.  While I may agree with RP on his economics, I think he is Bat Shit Crazy when it comes to appeasing Islam and Islamic Terrorism.  Paul is the favorite of the Constitutional Party, which like Paul, supports limited government, and bringing our troops home from foreign soil.  Once again I agree with those is where I disagree with them, to the point, that I left the Constitutional Party, and cannot support Ron Paul, unless it would come down to him vs that interloping Kenyan Bastard Child in the White House.

Both Ron Paul and the CP are of the mistaken notion that Islam and it's radical elements {about 90% of Islamics are radicals in my view} are peaceful and would be so if we just left them alone...Talk about Naive!  Once this country opened it's door to these murdering bastards, our fate was cannot live in peace with Islam, no way, shape, or form, can we coexist.  They have a foothold in this country, and we are on the fast track to becoming what Europe and Canada have become, that being held hostage to Sharia Laws and radical Islam...anybody that thinks otherwise is a damn fool, and part of the problem.

I have watched the worshippers of their pedophile leader for over 35 years now...first taking note of the smelly bastards at the College Inn at Athens, Ohio, and Ohio University, when I was living there back in 1975-76...I have never forgotten my first impression of them....I never will.  And don't go calling me a Islamaphobe, because I am not afraid of them...but I do know what most are, and they are not peaceful or friends of America, Christians, Jews, or Women and Children.  And if you're gay or lean left...what the Hell are you thinking?  These Sons of Camels Fornicators will have you killed off first.

So there you have day main concern this coming November is not jobs, or the economy, it will come and go...we survived the Great Depression, we will survive the ecomonic plundering of Obammy and Company.  The question is:  Will we survive the Islamic onslaught from the monsters of the Middle East?  This is my problem with Ron Paul and his naive "Let's smoke dope, lower taxes, and we will all be happy" crowd....Bullshit!  Grow a set, and wake up, because it will soon be too late, if it's not already.

Monday,  I will start with my political beliefs and how they got to be where they are....part #2 up next.

Photos-As I grow older I tend less to give a rat's ass what people think of me or my politics...not that I ever gave much thought of what came out of my big mouth.  Basketball Season is about half done for me...moving quickly.  And my #1 political concern as I see happening to America what has happened to the fools in Europe, THE CANCER CALLED RADICAL ISLAM!  and how do we, as a people and nation fight against it?


Holyriver said...

Very nice blog.
Happy new year from Italy.

PRH....... said...

Thank you and to you and your over the pond....

Gene Bach said...

Right on Pat. Islam will NEVER be satisfied co-existing with anyone. They will only be satisfied if tey are dominant. Ron Paul is a moron.

Deborah Wilson said...

I'm not going to make a comment on Paul except to say this, which in my mind, would cover about 70% of Americans.

I think that the 1st amendment comes to play....We, as Americans, have always been taught to believe in everything that is written in the U.S. Constitution, that it is right for us and our country. Freedom of religion was apparently very important to our founding fathers - else, freedom of religion would not have been included in the 1st amendment. Speaking for myself, I can say that growing up, I was raised in the Protestant faith, but my step-family was Catholic. Even had a pagan or two. So I concluded that everyone did have a right to their own beliefs, and I've always respected that [and the 1st amendment]. My conclusion was always reinforced in school and in my environment, outside of the home [never at Church or home].

But, were the founding fathers even considering Islam - did they ever think that we would have such clashes as we do today?

I don't think that they did - there was no way to see 2 - 3 hundred years into the future...I believe that their main concern was that of Catholic and Protestant.

Today, when we read the 1st amendment, we read that as meaning freedom of religion for all, including Islam. But what does the U.S. need to do when two religions cannot get along with each other, cannot live in society together and violence over dominance occurs? Then what?

Sharia Law is in no way harmonious with our U.S. Constitution, the law of our land.